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  1. You have to take care of yourself first before you can help others in any big way. (Penny F., 30)
  2. We are only given a certain amount of time on this planet. So don’t live in the past nor the future because you will lose today. I have learned to appreciate the little things, and don’t get upset about stupid things. If you won’t be upset with it 5 years from now then don’t let it upset you now. Live in the moment, soak it in, because once it’s gone it will never return. And most importantly, gain wisdom, knowledge and understanding. (Zhanetta, 21)
  3. If you have friends or family that always have drama or cause you stress no matter how much time you have invested in the relationship you should quit now! There is no need in killing yourself over someone who doesn’t care about anyone but themselves. Most of the time, people don’t change. Don’t waste your whole life on people who aren’t worth it. (Kimberly, 38)
  4. Nothing good ever comes from bragging about yourself. People either get jealous, or want to challenge you to show there superiority or want to use you for your skills. Keep a low profile and enjoy what you can achieve. (Jon S., 36)
  5. It is hard to do something good and not be appreciated, and carry on to do the good things. When that happens, it’s just a matter of choice of doing the right and the good thing, regardless of anything. (Ella, 24)
  6. True happiness is to share mutual and deep love. For this, you need to be open and good, moreover may luck be on your side. When pain blinds you, search hope within yourself, accept to hold the hands of your dear ones and slowly open your eyes to walk again. For all other matters, success mostly relies on your hard work. Fight for your dreams today as you would be the only one to blame for your regrets of tomorrow. There is only one life, so live it your way! (Claire T., 27)
  7. The best things in your life are free: hugs, smiles, your friends, family, kisses, love, laugh, and good memories. (Lilya, 38)
  8. When your past experience prove you wrong, then prove your future to be right. (Millcent M.R., 42)
  9. Even the ones you love and trust can betray you. (Mogau, 14)
  10. You have a right to and a responsibility for your own happiness. Be proactive about it. (C, 38)
  11. Don’t depend too much on the elevator that you forget to use the stairs. (Arbie, 29)
  12. Putting others before yourself is admirable, but sometimes you must learn to put yourself before others. (Allantae)
  13. I learned that if someone portrays a perfect life, perfect family or perfect relationship, they are not being completely honest, are in denial or playing make believe. Be real, be honest and its okay to make mistakes as long as you learn from them. (Debra P.B., 53)
  14. Do what you have to do first,then you can do what you want to do. (Mary-Lou, 57)
  15. Don’t let other people trick you in order to win your trust. (Alma, 49)
  16. Life changes, things changes, people change. Never say never & never judge because what you’re judging today you may face tomorrow. (P., 23)
  17. I learned that it’s not about being perfect, or doing everything perfectly; it’s about moving forward, one small step at a time. (Polly, 29)
  18. The greatest and best gift I can give myself is to love life and myself. (Alaoma, 29)
  19. You will not get to your destination in time, if you pay attention to every liar against you on the street. (Kenneth F., 46)
  20. People who earn things in life appreciate it and are proud of it for the rest of their lives. But people who get things handed to them don’t appreciate it that much. (Kamyar, 17)
  21. There will always be a shortcut you can take, but you’ll find going the long route is much more fulfilling. (Ally, 14)
  22. If you do you will be alone someday. The most important thing is NEVER lose family, because it never stops growing. And with that you will never be alone. (Esmerelsa, 84)
  23. One of the lessons that I have learned is if I change how I think, I will change how I live. If I am not happy with my life, then I have the power to change it. So a man thinketh, so is he. (Gladys C., 61)
  24. The compassion you learned from the harshness of life will be the gift to share with all the other brokenhearted souls. (Joan, 68)
  25. It is a great achievement to be able to look at your past and be able to smile about it. (Murad, 53)
  26. With God anything is possible. With ambition anything is possible. Believe in yourself and you’ll be places you never thought possible. (Daniel K., 20)
  27. It’s better to be ahead than afoot. (Rob R., 39)
  28. Never stop learning and developing in life. Strive to learn new things and be a much better person. Don’t try to please anyone. There will always be critics, whether good or bad. (Judith, 39)
  29. Faith in most peoples’ eyes is usually associated with ‘religion’ but really faith is one own’s religious path and that path is your own inner faith. No need to preach, just have faith in yourself. Because, no amount of religion can give you that belief and faith in your unique individual self. (Sooze, 45)
  30. Be a responsible person in the family. Look after your dependents and give priority to their requirements, keep your interests at last. Remember that you will be ignored the moment they become independent. (Yssubramanyam, 65)
  31. The key to understanding women is to understand that you will never
    understand them. (Alexander S., 28)
  32. If you want to get out alive hold on to your life. (Z, 14)
  33. Always be prepared to help not hurt… especially when your driving! (Bob, 58)
  34. I’ve learned that life rarely turns out the way you expected it to. (Lauren, 19)
  35. Though you may be in pain from time to time, keep on fighting, and never ever give up, because in the end you`ll be rewarded. Keep in mind “whats worth the price is always worth the fight!” (Christian, 19)
  36. It’s never to late for a happy childhood. (Alicia, 29)
  37. You don’t need to wait for your life circumstances to be perfect before you allow yourself to live your dreams. Circumstances will never be perfect and you end up missing out on a lot. (Sheri, 46)
  38. I spent much of my life trying to please others, worrying about their feelings, and making decisions based on their approval. What I now realize, after I finally woke up, is that I lived their idea of my life. I now wonder how did I get here? What was I thinking? I wasn’t. Other people are good at telling you what you should do and what you are capable of. Don’t let others define you and determine your dreams. (Sheri, 46)
  39. When it comes to hate and friends, we are not Chameleons; if you like someone as a friend, don’t pretend to hate them just because your peers do. (Keith, 43)
  40. Life has taught me: To nurture spiritual and inner strength in turbulent times. To give all my worries to the Almighty GOD thereby refraining from depression that begets dark imaginings. To live my life to the fullest because true happiness comes from within and whatever will be, will be. To always make utterances about what i expect because regret can last a lifetime. (Oluwaseyi M., 29)
  41. “Believe in yourself when nobody believes in you”… start depending on yourself and not others around you because it starts with you. (Ash, 17)
  42. Instead of living without regrets, why not use them to better yourself. (Chase C., 14)
  43. Often, the most important lessons we have to learn, are from are own mistakes. (Dennis A., 50)
  44. Life has taught me; to be benevolent, At all times, it got me prevalent, To act to others the same manner I’ll luv to be acted to. To know when to be a lion & when to be a sheep, To know that I’m the architect of whatever happens to me on this planet. To lean not on my lone understanding, To be the best I can be, To hold on to the ALMIGHTY GOD at all times, because with HIM all things are possible. (Oluwaseyi M., 29)
  45. What have I done in the past I cannot change, but what can I do now will reflect to my future. That will clear the path for a better me. (Anonymous, 30)
  46. It’s all about you isn’t it?” is not a derogatory statement. It has
    to be about you before it can be about anyone else. (Heather, 36)
  47. I noticed not all smart persons are wise but I’m sure all wise persons are smart. (Leonardo M.,20)
  48. Salvation and deliverance are like vehicles, they need daily maintenance. (Anele O., 50)
  49. From my own selfish experience… don’t ever use someone for their money. Don’t ever take and take and expect to not be held accountable for it at some point. It will always come back to haunt you. Trust me on this. Make your own way, be independent and self sufficient. It’s the best thing you can ever do for yourself. (Jyma, 52)
  50. Every time life puts me down I will come back strong and defeat it with my best shot. (Suman, 26)
  51. Worrying is a waste of your life. It will eat you up from the inside out and ruin your chances of true happiness. What will be will be, whether you worry about it or not. So as hard as it is, say NO to worrying. (Jas, 34)


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