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A Simple Tip to Be Happier That Can Change Your Life

If happiness is something we all want more of, the question is, “How do we increase our level of happiness?” Will reaching that next goal do it? Will getting to cross off another item on your bucket list do it? More money? More friends? In this video,

7 Powerful Motivational Videos of Speeches with Music

Motivational videos and speeches can be powerful tools to get you ready to take action. I’ve listened to thousands of hours of audio programs through the years and I tend to be drawn to the segments that have some music in the background such as the ending

Motivational Messages from Let’s Do This!

Here are a few videos I created with content from my book, Let’s Do This! 100 Motivational Messages to Inspire Action (Available on Amazon) No Kindle required, you can download a free Kindle reader and read it on your computer/phone/tablet. If you’re in the UK, go here

Motivational Videos for Businesses

If you are looking to purchase/license high quality videos to use for opening sales trainings or other corporate events, check out the videos below. Customizable Motivation Videos HD = High Definition Wide = Widescreen (16×9) Inspirational Movies on DVD Use the exclusive promo code: mwb25 to get

The Shift (Ambition to Meaning)

There’s a place deep within us that wants to feel fulfilled. It wants to know that, “My life has made a difference, that I have left this place, this planet that I have lived on better than when I arrived, that someone’s life has been profoundly touched

The Shift (6-9)

The Shift (6/9) The Shift (7/9) The Shift (8/9) The Shift (9/9) If you enjoyed the movie and want to own a copy of it or give it as a gift, you can get it by clicking the following link… Go back to Parts 1-5 Go

Motivational Videos (Power of Determination)

These motivational videos are about the power of determination. It’s the resolve to not give up even when it seems and feels like you can’t go any further. It’s that undeniable belief that you can push and break through any obstacle that stands in your way. These

Inspirational Videos

In this section you will find inspirational videos I’ve found that I believe will allow you to think differently, see differently, or act differently. I chose to put these videos in this section instead of the motivational videos page because they’re more about warming your heart and

Garrison Wynn

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