7 Powerful Motivational Videos of Speeches with Music

Motivational videos and speeches can be powerful tools to get you ready to take action. I’ve listened to thousands of hours of audio programs through the years and I tend to be drawn to the segments that have some music in the background such as the ending of Tony Robbins’ Awaken the Giant Within audio program.

I recently came across videos of various speeches that was edited to include some background music. Most are of these are from one of my favorite motivational speakers, Les Brown. Not everyone likes having music in the background but for those who do, I thought I’d share these. Enjoy.

(Added 5 more videos for a total of 12)

1. Les Brown – It’s Possible


2. Will Smith – Words of Wisdom


3. Eric Thomas – You Can Have It


4. Anthony Robbins – 10 Seeds of Greatness


5. Arnold Schwarzenegger – 6 Rules For Success

5b. Arnold – Who Do You Want to Be in Life


6. Les Brown – I’m Going to Make It Happen


7. Eric Thomas – You Have What It Takes



8. Les Brown – F.E.A.R


9. Les Brown – You Gotta Have Passion


10. Eric Thomas – I Will Out Work You


11. Les Brown – “But” is Nothing But a Dream Killer


12. Les Brown – Negative People

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