Les Brown

Les Brown is one of the top motivational speakers in the world. His speeches are full of passion and enthusiasm. He’s one of the few speakers that can get you feeling motivated with just the sound of his voice. One of his best audio programs is, It’s Not Over Until You Win. Another great one is called, You Deserve (full program). He is a true success story of someone who was born into poverty and rose to become a successful speaker and entrepreneur. He went from being a garbage collector to earning over $55 million over the last 28 years. I have never seen him live but I’ve listened to his audio programs dozens of times. He’s one of my favorites.

You can visit his website at www.lesbrown.com. Here is a video of him in action.

Free Programs:

Maintain a Winning Mindset (50 mins)

Create Your Greatest Life (6 hours)

Also see Power Motivational Speeches with Music for more powerful speeches by Les such as this one:

Les Speaking on Stage


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