Personal Development Products

If you’re looking for personal development products, you can find them at the following links. Remember that gaining more knowledge is great but until you put that knowledge into practice, your life won’t change all that much.


The Challenge to Succeed by Jim Rohn

Great program about the fundamentals of success. I’ve probably listened to this program about 50 times over the years. You’ll learn things like the fundamentals of success, how to become more than you are, and the keys to living a more fulfilling life.

The Psychology of Winning by Denis Waitley

One of the first programs I listened to back when cassette players were still the norm. Learn the 10 steps to winning taken by all Olympic champions, top sales stars and top executives.

The Psychology of Achievement by Brian Tracy

This was another one of the first programs I listened to. Learn how to take charge of your life; develop a powerful, positive self-image; set and achieve goals and unlock your super-conscious mind.

Awaken the Giant Within by Tony Robbins

This is one of my favorite audio programs. It’s based off of Tony’s best selling book with the same title. I love the message he gives at the end. I listened to that section so much, I memorized it. Very motivational.


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