Inspirational Documentaries

The following are short inspirational documentaries of extraordinary people. It takes you into the possibilities that we as humans are capable of. Maybe you weren’t born with the same gifts or talents as the people featured in these documentaries, but you have in you what it takes to make your life the way you truly want it.

One of the main themes in each of these documentaries is that the person featured has incredible belief in themselves. Hopefully, seeing these videos will help you see more in you now than you used to. Enjoy!

1. The 7 Year Old Surgeon – Akrit Jaswal

2. The Artist With No Eyes – Esref Armagan

3. The Boy Who Can See With No Eyes – Ben Underwood

4. The Human Calculator – Rudiger Gamm

5. The Power of the Mind – Daniel Tammet

6. The Human Camera – Stephen Wiltshire

7. The Iceman – Wim Hof

8. In His Own Words – Bruce Lee

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