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  1. Once you stop trying to impress others and start to be yourself is when you’ll truly become happy. (Colin, 18)
  2. Life is a story, make yours a best seller. (Jared, 18)
  3. Don’t stop just because something is in your way. (Allison, 10)
  4. Death is what makes life precious. (Anonymous)
  5. However keen some may be to say “Life’s what you make it”, the fact remains that some things in life are out of your control. Never mind all this “You can do anything” nonsense. The one thing that makes life a lot easier is when you accept that “It just is”. (Hapless Lummox, 42)
  6. It’s not where you go or what you do, it’s who you take along with you. (Natasha, 23)
  7. There is no meaning to life, because its you who gives life meaning. (Bruce W., 19)
  8. I always trust my selves: my soul, my spirit, my heart, my body, my highest. (Richard, 47)
  9. Life has taught me that the best I can be when I compare myself with somebody is number two. Imitation is limitation. Choose to be the best you were created to be. (Elias M., 20)
  10. The best way to help yourself is to help someone else. (Laurie, 47)
  11. Life, there is just one so it’s better to enjoy it instead of to live it sad. (Julie T., 12)
  12. Life always sucks.. when one run out of juice. (Shaan, 33)
  13. Life is great in all terms. There is no setback; those are only lessons if you can learn. (Vishal B., 26)
  14. To dominate without violation is an art form. (Vivian, 41)
  15. If you let fear take over, it will take you to places you never want to be. (Ann, 20)
  16. Walk slowly, get that tattoo, watch the sunrise, write letters, skip rocks, call your mom, jump off cliffs (into water), kiss a stranger, journal, ride with the windows down, talk to old people, smile at strangers, eat lots of ice cream, viva. (Kelcany, 20)
  17. Never allow misery to be included in your life decisions. Don’t be swayed by what other people think of you. Know what you love doing! Sometimes what may not work for others may work for you. (Malone, 24)
  18. Pay the price. It’s always worth it, even if only to yourself. (Damon, 38)
  19. The day is how YOU make it, so make it a good one! The outcome of every situation that comes your way, is completely up to YOU! Make it good, or make it bad, choice is yours. (Beth, 26)
  20. Know who you are. Those who truly love you won’t try to change you. (Kathleen, 16)
  21. Sometimes in life you have to completely break down and lose everything. Once everything falls apart you can start all over again , a fresh start. And you will realize that the things you lost were of no use in your life anyway. (Wendy P., 19)
  22. Every meeting and connection you have is a miracle and with that miracle we grow bigger, stronger, and smarter. Accept people you meet and make the best of the time with them. (Sam, 18)
  23. When you have to choose between you or your friend, it isn’t likely that there will be a right choice. So the best answer would be to pick the choice that you could live with better. (Sam, 18)
  24. I don’t mind testing my waters as long as I know I wont drown in it. (Anna, 22)
  25. Hold to faith; faith in God; faith in yourself; faith in others; faith in your dreams…it’s the anchor that keeps us steady in the sea of life. (Deborah, 52)
  26. One of the most difficult things to do is to stop smoking. Never, ever take that first puff, that is all it takes for a life long addiction. (Hank, 51)
  27. Don’t save up money throughout your whole life. You might die materially rich and could have used it to enlighten or help people which is worth a thousand times more. (Andros, 51)
  28. If you choose to be and/or do differently, don’t whine because people see and/or treat you differently. (Rhonda, 57)
  29. You are a very special and important person. Don’t ever let anyone tell you otherwise. (Paul, 17)
  30. Don’t be afraid to say, ‘I don’t Know’, truly the smarter answer than to make things up. (Moe, 16)
  31. You aren’t going to remember the moments when you didn’t make mistakes. (Amanda, 17)
  32. As cliché as it sounds, never take anything for granted. Cherish everything – moments, time, people, opportunity; because when they’re gone, they often don’t come back again. (Marcus, 22)
  33. Life is work sleep eat and fun and little worry because your not alone. (Sukanta D., 26)
  34. It’s not what you accomplish while you are here; it’s what you leave behind when you are gone. (Pino, 51)
  35. Don’t try to fit in because you want to be the same as everyone else. You were born to stand out. Don’t try to be someone else. Be you. (Anonymous)
  36. When you starting doing things for yourself, you start living. (Justin, 16)
  37. Life sucks. But there’s challenges you pull through that show that you’re worthy of having it, and if you can’t pull through those challenges? Well it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have a life, it just means you need to improve. Remember, your whole life is ahead of you. You could pull off something pretty damn impressive. (Tyler A., 15)
  38. While it is nice to love someone deeply, Always guard against giving your all because when if you do then it becomes easy for them to break your heart. (Ryan, 43)
  39. I really believe the saying “No one can keep ‘YOU’ down except your SELF”, because whatever may people say about you, you’ll still stand with chin up! If you ignore them. But if you listen to what they say and even your self you look down. Your the only one who really lose in the end. (Rhodora, 17)
  40. Life is not a fairytale, happiness doesn’t just fall from the sky, but that doesn’t mean we can’t each have our own fairytale ending, as long as we are willing to work for it. (Kylie, 16)
  41. Every day is a brand new start. Don’t fall into the trap. We are Never Alone because we are always One. (Claudia, 25)
  42. Nobody can judge your life. Every choice is your decision, your experiance and your consequence. In the end, and so you’re all alone with it… First rule: don’t judge people. (Karoline, 21)
  43. For all the bosses out there… Being the person You have to be sometimes sucks… But it is truly necessary! (Javier, 31)
  44. Dicipline is staying when you want to leave, and leaving when you want to stay. (Colleen, 35)
  45. Anger, do not hold on to it. It’s self-destructive, unless you can use it as an engine for you drive. (Vic, 23)
  46. Just spend time with YOURSELF rather spending time with others, analyse yourself everyday, you will get the best company in the world which is God. (Shama, 17)
  47. You cant always control situations, or how you feel, but you always have control over your own actions. (Matt, 16)
  48. A secret is only a secret if you don’t tell anyone. (Cat, 18)
  49. Always expect the worse and you will be ready for anything. (Diana, 52)
  50. Don’t waste your present worrying about your future. (Nina, 15)
  51. My life my style. You live your life and I live my life. (Joe B., 52)
  52. I’ve learned that in life people will tell you what they think is best. What I’ve come to find is that they know nothing, but what is best for themselves and not yourself. (James, 21)
  53. Don’t get upset about what others say or do. You are responsible only for your own words and actions. (Eddy, 57)
  54. The worst failure is to fail to remain focused on achieving your set life dream. (Egwim M., 38)
  55. Now I’ve got children to teach, where as, I’ve learned little or nothing from my parents. A circle of mistake. (Egwin M., 38)
  56. Promises were meant to be kept. Falling back on them just makes us believe about the ill society we have today, where even good people lie, cheat and steal. (Eric, 20)
  57. Life hurts sometimes but that’s just part of life, keep your head up stay on your feet and don’t let yourself fall in the end you will see that it was just a bump in the road. (Amanda, 19)
  58. Accept who you are. (Lysan, 18)
  59. As young as I may be, I’ve learned that the time spent dwelling over a broken heart should be spent celebrating the love of those who will always be around to pick up the pieces. (Ryan, 19)
  60. No matter how stupid and annoying someone is they will not be wrong all the time. (Cat, 31)
  61. Never waste your time thinking about people who don’t deserve your attention and are good at nothing other than hurting others. (Paramjeet, 26)
  62. Believe a person that promises twice, but not thrice. (Ina, 31)
  63. In the life too many things you can start but you can stopped. Be careful what you start. (Mohsen, 40)
  64. I never felt at ease with myself, my life, or my body until I chose to embrace or welcome the things I have feared the most. (Gail, 39)
  65. I’ve learned that just because you love someone, does NOT mean you have to try to make the relationship work. Sometimes you can love someone who is not compatible with you and nothing you do will make it work. Let them go and find someone else to love. (Cheryl, 35)
  66. Wanting nothing makes you have everything. (Jahlma, 40)
  67. Okkay…. Im 11 and I have more problems than a 40 year old…… I know i have down alot of bhadd things but its like ppl dont want to see yhu change they just continue to treat yhu bhadd?? i learnt that it doesnt take people to make yhu change it takes yhu to change yourself… if iht doesnt make since to yhu thats fine…. but iht makes plenty of since to meeh…. remember im only 11…. im stil young.:) (Khaylah R., 11)
  68. Learn from your past. Past mistakes don’t matter. If you drop the ball, what are you going to do? you’re going to pick it up and run. you’re not going to sit there and cry, not going to sit there and think about the mistake…think about how you’re going to fix it. (Anonymous)
  69. The hardest thing is to stand in front of someone you like knowing he will never be yours. (Nina, 20)
  70. Never mix yogurt with potato chips it gives you diarrhea. (Bryan, 18)
  71. I’ve learned that, you can’t always please everyone, you just do your best. I suppose God has a plan for us and when it doesn’t work out the way we thought it was supposed to, perhaps, God intended for that experience not to manifest for our own benefit. You have to think through all the possibilities of why it was better that you did not go through that experience before you can truly appreciate that the outcome was for your own benefit and protection. (Patrick, 52)
  72. Are you giving life your all or merely doing the minimum while wishing things would get better? Give it your all, take a chance, make a change. (Stefanie, 27)
  73. Life is hard, it gets harder, we learn things that we didnt wanna know, maybe a friend wasnt actually your friend, maybe your hero wasnt as great as they seemed but its knowing this that makes life easier, always be prepared and take nothing for granted. (Bob, 19)
  74. God has made our life simple and beautiful, let us work on keeping it that way. (S. P., 34)
  75. Would you rather regret the things you did, or regret that you did not? Your personal bias to this will give you permission to stop kicking yourself, either way, or even give you permission to try “the other way”. (Darren, 44)
  76. Meditation creates space in your busy mind that often leads to insights and noticing those things which are actually most important. (Blaine, 49)
  77. Being inspired comes before inspiring. (Paul, 60)
  78. If you have nothing nice to say don’t say anything at all. (Matt M., 10)
  79. Take people how you find them, not how you want them to be. (Steve H. 52)
  80. He wasn’t the one if he never fought for you… don’t stop fighting for love just because he stopped fighting for you. Have the courage to believe in love again, and again, and again, because without it we have nothing. He lost all the love you have. His loss. (Taylor, 17)
  81. No one but yourself controls you. No one can make the hard decisions for you. Those are up to you. Make the decisions you feel comfortable making. If you don’t like something, make a decision that suits you. Once you make a decision, you can’t change it. Make The RIGHT Choice The First Time. There’s no second chances! (Anonymous)
  82. We are passionate about the things that matter when everything else is taken away from us. (Stacey, 28)
  83. The way to become great is to admit those things inside of you that are not so great and work on making them better. (Elton E., 39)
  84. It’s what you do that makes you happy, not what you have. (Shaid, 21)
  85. I love my self. (Laisha, 39)
  86. Sometimes friends, even best friends, can break your heart! (JD, 35)
  87. Nobody was born as a murderer, prostitute, failure, bad person, u name it all. Circumstances and situations of life changes us but still it’s up to us what we want to become in life. Anyone can change from bad to good even visa versa. Any decision u make & believe in will follow, either good or bad. (Mmathabo, 24)
  88. It is amazing what you can achieve when you let go of the fear, and just do it. (Michelle, 40)
  89. Never back down or lessen yourself to someone who breathes the exact same air as you do. (Joseph, 19)
  90. When people are jealous of you, you are becoming successful. (JPM, 38)
  91. Family is family, everything else… ISN’T. (Canton S., 41) (
  92. To love is one thing but to choose to stay in love is another. (Kate, 21)
  93. I’ve learned that its not over unite God says it’s over, people may tell you it’s over, the situation may tell you it’s over- it will only be over on your death day. (Matthew O., 23)
  94. Whatever your aim in life always take steps to avoid and be prepared for the exact opposite, but never lose site of your initial and hopefully decent intentions. (Anonymous, 44)
  95. To expect is a good thing but dont expect too much that your expectations will be the reason for your failure. (Punam, 18)
  96. I have begun to realize the importance of making someone else feel good; to go out of my way to make someone else’s day; to see a person and try to understand what they are going through. How far we go in life all comes down to the level of compassion we decide to have each day. We can steer ourself in any direction we choose. How much different our world would be if we gave up all of our selfish desires and saw the value of human dignity. (Anna, 26)
  97. Notice that the word family has an I Love You at the end. This is my advice, family comes first. (Mark, 35)
  98. Stop worrying about what will happened in the future, doing so will prevent you to live the present to the fullest. (Tabatha, 34)
  99. When all appears lost, there is always HOPE. (Jackie, 54)
  100. It’s weird the older I get and the more people I meet, the more I realize how you should and should not talk or act towards others. Yet at the same time, the older I get and the more people I meet, the less I want to. (Marty, 39)


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