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  1. One of the hardest things in life is often the most necessary; being by yourself. If you can’t help yourself, then how can you help others? (Travis H., 32)
  2. Sometimes in life u realize u have to live with the hand u were dealt and learn how to win the game with it. (Amanda S. 28)
  3. Don’t be like me and lose all your knowlegde you had at 15. (Anonymous, 18)
  4. Some things don’t always have to be nice to be enjoyable. (Graeme H., 17)
  5. Once you love someone, it is never the same. So dispose their friendship if they do not like you in return. For its alot harder to keep something that you know is fake, than to ditch for something that is real. (Adam, 22)
  6. I’ve learned tht your close friends so called to be can be your worst enemies. (Ametrius, 25)
  7. In life you’re meant to forgive and forget but in realitly you never forget. (Sarah, 17)
  8. When things get to unbearable get on your knees and pray. Trust me it works! (Rasheedah, 33)
  9. Never take anything for granted nothing is permanent absolutely nothing. (Mya, 50)
  10. If you live just to pull others down, you’re the one who won’t reach the top. (Libiano N., 19)
  11. No matter what the situation is like, life goes on. (Fadzai,17)
  12. No matter what age, size, or race; look pass the norm, look pass soietys view of the average American – you’re better than that. The only way you’ll be truly happy in this world, is by giving love to all of those who need it. (Brandon, 20)
  13. NEVER sleep with someone you been with for a month, they will eventually hurt you at the end. (Stephanie, 15)
  14. If you live your life without expectations you won’t be disappointed. No expectations = no disappointments. (Roy, 63)
  15. Love and embrace every moment of every day of your life. (Irma, 48)
  16. I have realized that building hate and anger has spoiled only my time and not the one I hate or angry with. (Shobana, 32)
  17. Never give up. Don’t let the drama bring you down. (Leonie, 16)
  18. I’ve learned that parents are the imagery of a earthly God to their children so take responsiblity in making your character like Him, by reading and meditating in His word daily. So the Holy Spirit can come and be a comforter to you in your years of parenting. (Joyce, 40)
  19. Have faith to know you are here for a higher purpose. God is the answer. In the end, it’s the “dash” between the two numbers on your headstone that matter. Make a difference every day! (Tony, 54)
  20. When I trust God, everything in my life will unfold as it should. (Alena, 61)
  21. I’ve learned that there are fewer absolutes than I once believed there to be. (Bill, 48)
  22. Never discourage your partner in bedroom, under any circumstances. It will be the invitation to life long misunderstanding. (Y., 64)
  23. Never argue/quarrel in front of children. (Y., 64)
  24. You can’t make anyone proud until you are proud of yourself. (Justin, 16)
  25. Never give up hope, never give up your aspirations and never give up your dreams, no matter what or who stands in your way. Because if you don’t what you have worked so hard is lost. Always believe in your dreams. (Robert, 28)
  26. The wisest person in the world knows they have a lot to learn. (Helena M., 46)
  27. Not everyone is going to like you, however, you have to like yourself. That’s what matters. (Dee, 51)
  28. Love yourself more than others and respect yourself if you want others to respect you. (Samantha, 18)
  29. If you can’t find the strength to live your own life then you won’t be happy in the end. (Krista, 20)
  30. Try not to base your happiness on other people, because in the end everyone lets you down. (Danny, 19)
  31. Listen to the voice of your soul and heart, don’t waste the time spending on the lives of other people. Just be yourself, learn to follow your dreams, and most importantly, be positive. (Viktor C., 20)
  32. The word love is overused, but the action isn’t used enough. (Kiersten, 17)
  33. Let past hurts go, live in the moment, but never forget about your future. (Anonymous, 20)
  34. Always be sure to love the best you can, and if someone doesn’t love you back, remember that someone still does… you. (Alexander S., 28)
  35. True love only comes once in a life time. (Jessica, 23)
  36. If you’re not living life to the fullest, you need to move closer to the edge. (Jim & Debbie, 65)
  37. Never lose the kid inside you! As people get older they tend to become too serious and lose their silliness and playful side. Grab a balloon and a friend and play ‘keepy up’s’ (don’t let the balloon touch the floor!). If you haven’t played this since you were a kid, you may feel silly, but that’s the point. There is nothing wrong with being silly, no matter what age you are. (Dean, 34)
  38. The only thing that is really important is love. Look for reasons to love people, love yourself and be kind to yourself. Don’t look for anything in return… just keep loving, even when it feels futile, and the person you are trying to love can’t seem to accept it. Love them in spite of themselves. (Elaine, 53)
  39. There is no void so empty as the loss of a friend. (Anonymous, 80)
  40. Influence is all we have; the only person you can change is yourself. (Mike W., 55)
  41. Sometimes life isn’t fair no matter how hard you work or how much you sacrifice because there will be others who will do less than you yet get more out of it. Take what you can out of life and live it to the fullest. There’s no point in waiting for something to happen when you can just enjoy it. (Riva, 34)
  42. You will only love others after you learn to love yourself. (Eric, 48)
  43. If you are not happy with yourself, no one will be able to make you happy. (Mohammad, 31)
  44. Don’t stress the small things. Do what is asked and you may be free to do things you please. (Nick, 15)
  45. I have invented something that is new to the world at 56 years of age and I am going for broke and getting it manufactured. It will be selling in stores shortly. I will be either filthy rich or broke, but I am taking a chance because if I do not I will never know. (D.K., 56)
  46. Don’t worry about what people think about you, it’s never as bad as the truth. (Kelvin S., 36)
  47. The beauty of life lies in how well you interact with people irrespective of their status. (N, 30)
  48. I wish I knew that all those tears were wasted back then. Save them. He’s not worth it. (Catherine, 13)
  49. When life decides to teach you a lesson, sometimes it does it in the most pleasant or painful way imaginable. But always remember at the end of it there is always something to be learned, even if it might not be obvious at first. (Bee, 24)
  50. I learned that when we were young, angry and blinded by our own hurt, we rebelled. But as we aged we then realized that it wasn’t that cool at all, we haven’t accomplished anything good with being stubborn. Instead, we just destroy our future and worst of all, hurt the ones we love. (Rose, 23)
  51. I learned that fear is one of two things – you’re taking something I have or you’re not giving me what I want. (Tim, 31)
  52. I learned that only way to find the true meaning of life is to live it. Live it well and full. Do not let it pass you by for life is fleeting and it waits for no one. (Nick, 19)
  53. I leanred that to live a dependent life you have to begin with loving your life. (Frentea, 21)
  54. I learned that at some point you have to stop complaining about the things that have happened to you and start creating the things you want to happen. (Mary, 38)
  55. I learned that age is a number we have to live with, not live by. (Laura T., 31)
  56. We all fall short sometimes. We make mistakes. Don’t judge so harshly because sometimes the lesson learned is more important to your happiness than avoiding the mistake. (Angie H., 39)
  57. I learned that life is full of ups and downs. So as you go up, don’t trample on those on the ground because some are ahead looking. (Lyiola, 25)
  58. Through an open mind you will receive, through taking action you will achieve. (James T., 32)
  59. While one boy is happy making you cry, there is aother boy who is dying just to see you smile! (Nathalie, 15)
  60. People in life always tell you that you’re too young to be in love, that it’s jut a crush, when only you can decide how you really feel. (Anonymous, 11)
  61. Avoid (false) dichotomies. Good people can do bad things, bad people can do good things. Happiness and sadness are not absolute categories, just like innocence and guilt. The world does not operate in black and white terms, so embrace the full spectrum of colors in life, its bittersweet beauty – and paint with the heart and soul, ignoring what you’ve been told is ‘proper’ or ‘appropriate’. (Maja, 31)
  62. Dateline’s, What Would You Do show really opened my eyes to the real world. The majority of people are good, not evil. I’ve always believed it was the other way around and terrified myself that everyone was out to get me.
  63. My Father told me: Languages are the key to the world. (G, 32)
  64. Never abandon old friends, you won’t find a new one who would take their place. (Sylvia, 21)
  65. I learned not to take life for granted. (Angie, 18)
  66. Make sure you cherish your parents everyday cause they will not always be there. (Jonas, 20)
  67. Peace, joy, true love and happiness will definitely come after we learn to forgive others. (May D., 28)
  68. Never allow others destroy for life. People who are making you destroy your life don’t love you and you should immediately keep them away from your life. (Irene K., 32)
  69. If people cannot accept you as you are, you are not meant to be friends. (Melissa A., 34)
  70. Love life and live it to the fullest. Appreciate all the little things you have and forget about the things you don’t have. (Anna, 37)
  71. The only sure thing in the future is the past. (Dunn W., 65)
  72. The worst is to be in need for those who hurt you. (Am, 28)
  73. Listen to the people that know and love you unconditionally. If they think something or someone is no good for you, they are probably right. Take their advice to save yourself a world of hurt. (Amy, 30)
  74. Money can always be replaced, memories can’t. (Rosa, 19)
  75. Do not let stupidity bother you and anger guide you. (Carolyn J., 16)
  76. Happiness always has been and always will be the key to life.- Once a great person told me that you need to be able to laugh at yourself, I always had a sense of humor but their is a difference between laughing at yourself and others and mocking and making fun of others. Often people take life too seriously, today take a minute to laugh at yourself for something silly you did 🙂 Remember the best way to impress people is being yourself not trying to act like them. (Iris, 13)
  77. I like to think of life as a road, the more difficult the journey, the more I grow. That is why I always choose the hardest, least traveled road. Anyone can drive on a highway and get to their destination quickly but the journey is what makes you, “you”! (Kevin, 64)
  78. To all the haters out there, STOP spending so my time and energy judging my life and instead take a good look at your own, because I’m sure you’ve got plenty of holes of your own to fill. (Amy, 21)
  79. Tell your child or any young child to say this with you everyday: “You are Kind. You are Smart. And You are Important.” The joy that it brings can’t be described. It opens their soul and touches their heart. (Ashlea, 26)
  80. The only thing that makes us beautiful and smart is love. (Jackie M., 46)
  81. The one thing in life that you cannot control is who you love. (Wendy, 42)
  82. If you start liking someone and feel that she/he also likes you, then ask for her/his name or number. Otherwise, later on you will regret it as I am today. (Jeetendra, 15)
  83. Live your life how you want it don’t go living in other people’s shadows because in the end, you won’t know who the real you is or likes. (Lauren, 17)
  84. Life is like a walk. When you get tired, you rest; but remember that you have to get there so fight hard to get what you want in lfe. (Doreen, 54)
  85. Life is like fighting a dinosaur… it’s REALLY hard. (Hannah, 13)
  86. You only get one shot at this experience so find a way you can live your life daily by doing something you enjoy. Dont waste your time doing something you hate. (Mark, 29)
  87. I’ve learned, to forgive, but not forget, move on, but never let go, love but never fall, and be thankful for what you have, but never lose sight of the people who got you to where you are today <3 (Cheyenne, 17)
  88. I have learned that silence is the best way to stay away from trouble and drama. Seriously. (AA, 15)
  89. Forgive but never forget, always smile, stay away from bad people and throw out the gossip! (NanC, 20)
  90. In life there will be plenty of people that will tell you you’re no good, don’t be one of them. Boost your self-esteem. (Anonymous, 20)
  91. Hard work does not necessarily equal success. Focusing on ONE goal is often the forgotten ingredient. (Mike, 34)
  92. I learned that an education will get you in the door, being creative will help you find success. (Rusty C., 51)
  93. Life is full of obstacles & challenges which we all have to face as individuals. To over come these obstacles & challenges, one must experience failure to gain the knowledge to be successful. (Damien, 29)
  94. Fear isn’t the absence of courage, but the cause of it. A person who is couragous without also being afraid is just stupid. (Bridget, 13)
  95. The people you fear are talking about you or are judging you are usually wrapped up in their own personal issues… Or worried about what they’re going to have for lunch. (Jonny, 25)
  96. It’s a lot harder telling yourself what to do than it is telling others what to do. (Carlos O., 18)
  97. You can never make anybody love you. All you can do is become a lovable person. (Rita H., 24)
  98. Sometimes marriage does not turn out the way we want. Families break up, feeling get hurt and people loose contact and we create new families with steps and not just blood. But we need to learn to look at the people around us and accept and love the people who are always there for us and love us no matter what we do to them or how we act towards them. Blood or not. And stop trying to hang on to those who would rather be part of someone elses family than ours. You can’t force someone to want to be a part of you. (Charity G., 37)
  99. There is only one thing better than achieving something nobody ever thought you could have done; do something that you never thought yourself could have achieved. (Lorenzo, 26)
  100. Let your ethereal spirit love and appreciate your physical body and the work it does everyday. Pursue what you love. Work at it every day. Take time for yourself too so you don’t burn out. Be patient and remember its a marathon not a sprint. Trust your soul and cultivate that part of you. So that you live life calmly and peacefully. Realize that that is what we all are- spirits that want to connect with other spirits and feel strength and communion. (Elizabeth, 24)


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