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  1. If you’re working towards a common goal – why not work together? (Shari B., 46)
  2. You must respect yourself before others can respect you. (Welile, 22)
  3. He who has health has hope and he who has hope has everything and that everything includes wealth; so in your struggle for a wealthy life, do not lay down your health (Estell, 62)
  4. We are our own worst enemies. We are too hard on ourselves. We easily forgive others but ourselves. Learn to accept what ever comes our way. (Akwasi O., 50)
  5. You cannot make someone love you. All you can do is be someone who can be loved. The rest is up to them. (Joshua, 13)
  6. Independence is individuality, give yourself the gift of responsibility. Do the things your never dreamed you could. (Shannon, 21)
  7. If you find yourself trying to hard to be yourself, just turn your attention in your own direction. Do what pleases you and that in itself, will be pleasing to others. (Shannon, 21)
  8. Sacrifice is an option, happiness is your choice. (Princess F., 18)
  9. Always be ready to learn and never regret. What’s the best way to learn than from your own mistakes? You learn a life lesson with every mistake. (Jeevi, 15)
  10. It is not always you hit the iron when it is hot, instead hit the iron so hard that it becomes hotter. Every problem is a business opportunity, be cautious to grab it. (Somvir P, 40)
  11. The greater the effort , the greater the reward. (Justin, 16)
  12. Money isn’t everything, because it can’t buy love. (Oshai L., 18)
  13. Life is like coin; you can spend it anyway you want but you only spend it once. Don’t regret the way you spend that coin and enjoy the process of spending that coin.(Francisco Q., 20)
  14. Every day is a step, if you fall learn from it and fix it. Be patient, one step at a time is the best pace you can go. (Ravinder, 18)
  15. The hardest thing in life is finding out who we are. Every person is special and unique. Remember this: In thousands or even millions of years of human existence there has never been a person like you and there won’t be for another thousand years. The worst tragedy in life is that most people live their whole lives and die without knowing who they are. Only by answering this age old question will we be able to live our life with passion and purpose. You are special. Don’t waste it. (Paul C., 50)
  16. When you are trying to be good at something, keep in mind that only the single very best person has nobody that is better than them. Don’t let your failures trouble you. (John, 18)
  17. Life is a lesson itself, you learn it won’t be fair, not everyone will have the same chance of success, you will learn that the world is filled with hate, envy, war, and you will learn that the world is filled with love, peace, and friendship. (Robby V., 14)
  18. Don’t let the bad things in life bother you. Keep it real and be happy because getting worked up about the small things is a waist of time you will never get back. And tomorrow’s never promised so make the best of today. And then when tomorrow doesn’t come for you, you will have no regrets. (Chance, 16)
  19. In life you have to be like a postage stamp and stick to something till you get there. (Unknown)
  20. Attempting to appeal to everyone, will in the end, cause you to appeal to no one. It also makes you lose yourself in something you are not. (Timothy W., 18)
  21. To live a day saying “I’ve done nothing extraordinary in my life.” Is to live a day where you’re trying not to make a difference. KNOW that you are extraordinary. Make a difference. (Timothy W., 18)
  22. The person that will make you the happiest, will also make you the saddest. (Jess, 17)
  23. Expectations in personal life and desperation in professional life has always lead me to unhappiness. (Gopi, 35)
  24. We truly are all equals. Never act like your higher than somebody else because we all came into this world the same way, and you could easily end up like them too. (Amber, 16)
  25. Count your Blessings not your stressings! (TJ, 31)
  26. Learning to trust again can be the hardest thing anyone could ever do. (Megan, 12)
  27. Never forget the impossibility of our planet, hurtling through space, and cling to the surface. And every minute is wonderful. (Bella H., 16)
  28. While dealing with labourers, remember before extending concessions”what you give as a concession today to one person, would be claimed as a matter of right some body else. therefore, be careful while promising to labourers. (Ramanathan, 71)
  29. Even if a lie seems small, it’s certainly big enough for you to later regret telling it. (Tamara, 16)
  30. Never change for anybody because someone out there is looking for someone like you. (Elizabeth, 20)
  31. Never pour spaghetti down the sink disposal. (Zander, 19)
  32. If life was perfect we would never have a chance to find ourselves. (Anonymous, 22)
  33. If you find something different, cherish it for it may be gone someday. (Ron, 17)
  34. Life is a juicy fruit, just suck the sweet nectar out of it. (Sphiwe M., 32)
  35. If there’s only one person you can count on, let it be yourself. (Olivia, 20)
  36. Family First. (John R., 19)
  37. Life is too short and worry to much. Live life meaningful and with a purpose, it’s the ultimate goal. (R, 40)
  38. Whenever youre facing a difficulty in life, simply tell youself, “It could have been worse.” (Sunra, 26)
  39. Opportunities are just at hand…all you have to do is to be on guard so it wont pass you unknowingly. And once you have them, cling on and treat it like a precious gem. (Omar, 32)
  40. People should’nt dwell on the past. Its enough to try your best in all that you’re doing now. There’s sunshine in every darkness. (Apsara, 21)
  41. Life is fragile, handle with prayer! (Laine L., 12)
  42. There is only 1 way to succeed in anything, and that is to give it everything. (Aka K., 28)
  43. Hard work will always pay off in the end; in ways better than ever! (Katie, 14)
  44. Live is a river we all flow on. I’ve learned to appreciate the peaks and not to worry about the valleys as much. (Melissa K., 12)
  45. You can’t change people but you can change yourself and be a model for others. (Genky N., 22)
  46. What the mind harbors, the body manifests. We are what we think! (Joseph G., 47)
  47. If you want to come up in life listen to the inner voice rather than everyone around as they WILL mislead. (Shanthi S., 42)
  48. Live your life as a dream so you could always have something to look forward to. (Abraham C., 16)
  49. Life is too short, don’t waste your time watching and judging other people’s lives! (Michelle, 30)
  50. Never trust anyone. (Fa, 17)
  51. Off in the distance there are calm waters…( my divorce mantra) (Robin, 50)
  52. There are no mistakes in life, only challenges that you hardly passed. (Gina, 26)
  53. Don’t let people bring you down everyone shines in there own way. (Angeliek, 11)
  54. Don’t take things for granted you never know when you will lose something that you never expected to lose. (Shelby M., 16)
  55. Depression only sets in when we look at the situation in our own perspective, rather than that of our Lord and saviour. (Penelope, 23)
  56. Keep a positive adittude even during adversities and negative energy out of your life and you won’t lose. (Renee, 27)
  57. When people treat you poorly, keep being who you are; don’t let people bitterness change the person you are. (Reese, 27)
  58. Life is like learning to ride a bike, if you don’t pedal you don’t get anywhere. (Paul V., 64)
  59. Guard your heart. Because after all those who truly love you are the ones willing to climb over the walls you’ve built up around it. (Ashley, 14)
  60. We make our own decisions, we can’t blame other people when things go wrong in our lives. It’s up to us, if we something of your life, up to you to make it happen. We can’t blame our circumstances or our family. We are all born into particular family. You can’t choose your family but you can choose what you want to become. Everybody gets an opportunity but it’s always up to the individual to make the most. (Herman M., 19)
  61. Opposition is a catalyst to progress for those who are on good course and those who have something to deliver. If no one backs you up God certainly will. (Adaji, 35)
  62. Always trust your inner voice, as it is the the inner compass that empowers us to align our lives to perfection, not the external one. (Anupam, 39)
  63. Where there is a will, there is more than one way. (Don O., 22)
  64. The good news is that you don’t know how great you can be! How much you can love! What you can accomplish! And what your potential is. (Kathy, 21)
  65. Life is to live and enjoy. You could enjoy life if you are a contributor/giver. At the same time, remember that we are interdependent beings. We need one another. So in short, love and be loved; that’s the way to live an enjoy life. (Karthik S., 35)
  66. Always be honest and logical in your words and your actions and society can never hurt you. (Sebastian, 19)
  67. When through our life’s journey, we become selfless, forget our own worries and be compassionate towards others, pray for them, God will always take your worries & problems off your mind, your shoulders. (Evangeline R., 66)
  68. They say opportunity knocks….well I say not everything that knocks is an opportunity, I’m looking through the peephole first. (Regina, 34)
  69. The good guy doesnt always win. (Alex L., 16)
  70. Don’t hold on love too tight for you may strangle it. (Amina M., 50)
  71. Even if it seems like everything is falling down and crumbling around you, don’t forget Newton’s Law of Physics: For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, so soon everything will go your way! (Sarah, 12)
  72. Count your blessings and write the number down. You will be surprised by how large it is. (KN, 40)
  73. Just Don’t put off what you can do this day, this week, or this year because “one” of these days could end up being “NONE” of these days! (Gabrielle, 46)
  74. Reading can open doors that no keys can. Worship books. (Sangita, 40)
  75. Be who you are, because the kind of people who will only accept you if you’re someone you’re not aren’t worth earning your acceptance. The kind of people who love you for who you are don’t need to be impressed with falseness. Be who you are. (Sarah, 12)
  76. There are no shortcuts in life to any place worth going to. (Michelle, 33)
  77. Love is blind not by your vision but by your heart. (Ranjini R., 19)
  78. Lessons are repeated until they are learned. (Summer, 20)
  79. A change for no change is no change at all. (Steve, 68)
  80. Honesty leads to trust, truth leads to security and lie leads to heartache. Remember not to allow anyone to be your everything because when they’re gone, you have nothing. (Noelle, 25)
  81. If it won’t matter in a year, it’s not worth worrying about. (Claire, 19)
  82. A vision and a mission are useless without ambition. (TJ, 23)
  83. Keep your eyes on your opponent’s eyes, don’t blink, don’t look back. Be a SEAL. You already won. (Belkys, 48)
  84. It takes as much energy to smile and think positive as it takes to be sad. So get up, take a good look in the mirror and smile! (Ingeborg, 21)
  85. Have faith in God, love and respect all,aspire and work for the best and glorious in life! (Dr. Rathore, 47)
  86. The lesson will keep presenting itself until it is learned. Pay attention to what your experiences are trying to teach you. (Ginger L., 40)
  87. 10,000 ways to tell a lie and only one way to tell the truth! Life lesson, just tell the truth! (Jasper, P., 41)
  88. Make failure your best friend and rejection your middle name. (Janet L., 31)
  89. Don’t be the first person in everything. It only gets you more envy from friends. (Getu, 43)
  90. Feel strength from knowing weakness, laughter and charity from knowing sadness, and wisdom from learning from mistakes. (Steve A., 48)
  91. Knowledge is good to have yes, but don’t get so caught up in trying to get it that you end up losing a part of yourself. Sometimes ignorance is truly bliss. (Sam, 18)
  92. Don’t let opportunity pass. If you have it grab it. It’s a waste of time regretting why you did not do it. (Aimee, 39)
  93. Love. (Olivia, 17)
  94. In life we’re taught to love the smile of the world, but the most important one is in the mirror. (Nick M., 25)
  95. Success and failure are equally available to all. Your daily choice determines where you belong. (Chika A., 40)
  96. I wish I knew now what I thought I knew then. (Kirby, 47)
  97. Remember that your life is always Good & Better, than the one who is hungry without anything. (Chethan N., 25)
  98. If you feel like your life is all uphill, here’s the thing, the view from the top is amazing! (Sharon, 35)
  99. Life may not treat you well if you don’t treat her well. For all you are taking from her at least give her something. (Olu, 44)
  100. Things you do make you who you are. If you don’t like who you are change. (Megan, 15)


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