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  1. The most important thing to do after you get out of a relationship is to stay in one with yourself. (Jess N., 17)
  2. If someone does something that upsets you, try to understand why they did it. If you can understand it, you can let it go. (Mikaela, 14)
  3. Dreams don’t only have to exist when the lights are out and you eyes are shut. (Christina, 16)
  4. To say people can’t change is not true. They just have to want to do it bad enough and need to do it in their own time. (Michelle, 35)
  5. Never expect more than you know one will give, and you will never be disappointed. (Meshell, 44)
  6. You will only past onto this world once, so make the most out of it by loving deeply, showing kindness and living each day as if its your last with Jesus holding your hands. (Jennie, 30)
  7. Never get too attached to anything . Anything . People, especially . You feel like there never going to leave your side until they say goodbye. (Gisselle, 13)
  8. Don’t tell you problems to anyone for 70% don’t care and 30% are happy for having such problem. Keep your faith in God and you will never be disappointed. (Omar B., 26)
  9. Sometimes life may knock you down but just pick yourself back up otherwise, what’s the point of continuing to live. (Divinia, 13)
  10. Take a closer look and use your heart to feel, there’s more to life than we’ve ever realized. (Lyz, 18)
  11. Fate brings people together, so we should make the best out of it. (Celeste, 17)
  12. Life is to be lived to the fullest and to leave a great legacy after you. Because no one remembers what you leave with them but what you leave IN them – that’s your legacy. (Oluseyi, 36)
  13. Life is like skydiving, you lunge forward and hope for the best. (Mario, 15)
  14. Life is meant to be tough, to challenge you, and to make you stronger but sometimes, it’s OK to let go of some people that meant a lot to you, to help them understand your value and importance in the future. (RD, 23)
  15. I can forgive & forget easily until someone reminds me of what I was forgiving. (Connie B., 43)
  16. Comfort zones are never comfortable. They are the biggest obstructions to your growth. (Aditi, 35)
  17. Don’t give a dog your money. (Quentin, 15)
  18. If you act “AS IF” in life you will eventually “BECOME”. (MC, 42)
  19. Never pretend to be someone else, let people know the real you because someone in this world loves and accepts u for who u are. being somebody else doesn’t make u happy. You’re just like insulting ur own self, do the thing u want, things u love to do and never have regrets. (Mae, 15)
  20. You choose who you love. (Meg, 18)
  21. Family above all. (Daisy, 26)
  22. Don’t try to cheat in school because you can’t cheat life. (Tiffeny, 13)
  23. The sky will never be the limit you can go infinity and beyond and still go farther and succeed beyond imagination. (Tiffeny, 13)
  24. Forgiveness is not an emotion but a choice. (Vanessa, 23)
  25. Everyone deserves a second chance to make a first impression. (Karl W., 57)
  26. You get what you give, meaning you reap what you sow. (Dwight, 56)
  27. Never regret that you once loved with all your heart. (Jowein, 25)
  28. Along your journey of life, there will be suffering, pain, disappointments and even obstacles, but never give up before you reach your destination; you might be much closer to success than you can imagine. (Fezz, 35)
  29. Stay in school. (Alex, 14)
  30. The true meaning, value and purpose of life, is to share the greatest part of ourselves with others – the world around us. (Akin, 37)
  31. Lifetime relationships teach you lifetime lessons. (Sherlyn T., 22)
  32. Enjoy your age and live every minute of it cause you wont live the same age again. (Heather, 17)
  33. It’s not all about looks. (Lisa, 40)
  34. In life There is no Good days or Bad days. There is only days, Good or Bad depend on how you want it to be. So if you want every day could be a GOOD DAY. (Pat, 23)
  35. As soon as you start each day, tell yourself that you’re going to have a good day (and try to believe it). You really will. It works every time. (David L., 23)
  36. Comparing yourself today, to your past self, is useless. You will hate who you’ve become, because the past person is usually better. (Myr, 17)
  37. True love is not being able to sleep because reallity is finally better than your dreams. (Jeremy, 28)
  38. In all things, good and bad, give thanks. (Stacia W., 22)
  39. Work hard while you’re young. (Rose, 18)
  40. You always have a choice, and your choice will make a difference. (Adones, M., 30)
  41. Be careful not to kick someone who is down, because they may get up again. (Deb, 42)
  42. You can never give up on anything or anyone you believe in, but on the same note, you can not let who or what you believe in hold you back when the time is not right for what you know should be. (Shelly, 43)
  43. I believe every situation happens for a reason, but every choice is our own. (Heriberto R., 18)
  44. You cannot go to a better position unless you are tired of the position you are in. (Norman, 19)
  45. The only person you’re hurting is yourself, when you let little things in life piss you off! (Ridhi, 17)
  46. Sometimes you need to lose in order to win at the end. (Noga, 33)
  47. Lower your expectations if you don’t want to get disappointed. (Johanna C., 39)
  48. You can’t control how other people act and behave, but you can control how you react. (Johanna C., 39)
  49. Don’t part with God because of life challenges. (Tshipidi, 26)
  50. Learn to love and appreciate yourself unconditionally, its the only way you can learn to love and appreciate others unconditionally. (Boatametse, 31)
  51. When looking up on the sky, know that God is always there and even next to you then your day will go peaceful. (Debbie, 49)
  52. There is no truer sentence in our world today than: “Love ya don’t tell ya enough”. Use it, it’s not only true, but makes people smile. (Jeff, 37)
  53. I have come to realise that love is a simple thing but hard to understand often times. (Ezekiel I., 31)
  54. I am not married but when it comes to love issues, my advice is “marry your best friend and not your most beautiful friend cox your best friend may not be your most beautiful friend and your most beautiful friend might not be your best friend.” (Ezekiel I., 31)
  55. Dancing is always free. (Deb, 52)
  56. Success is sweet, if you sweat. (C., 25)
  57. Love your sister and your brother, love you friend, I have just buried mine and he was the best friend ever, never go home on a row cos you never know if its the last one you,ll ever have, live as god taught us to live and you will never go wrong. (Teresa E.)
  58. I learned this lesson when I was in graduate school and asked the woman in charge of the xerox machine to make a copy for me. Her response was to leave it in the box and pick it up later. If you give someone a little authority, they go nuts abusing that authority. (Mark W., 64)
  59. Always learn new things, empieza por un idioma, it’s always a good thing to know what other people in different countries are saying, sabias? (Fernando, 19)
  60. Love comes out of the window when poverty knocks at the door. But other people believes that when poverty knocks, it punches on you but you have to knock it out with patience and perseverance. (Julie P., 59)
  61. The hardest realization is that you can’t change or control anyone’s behavior or choices but your own. (Peggy M., 53)
  62. To know the REAL you is to REALLY love you. (Micheala, 29)
  63. Life is the longest thing you’ll ever do so don’t regret. (Shannon, 16)
  64. Advice is what we ask for when we know the answer, but wish we didn’t! (Anonymous, 36)
  65. Life is more bearable, if it’s lived lightly. (Frederick V., 21)
  66. Learn to love at an early age… the people that you pass up might just be the people made for you but you wont know that if you don’t know how to love them the right way. (Christian, 14)
  67. Never take dieting advice from a fat person. (Alana, 36)
  68. Life’s too short to play silly games. (Marlayne, 17)
  69. It’s not about winning as an individual, it’s about trying as a team. (Lexi, 23)
  70. Be happy and don’t worry about things that you can’t control. You should be concerned but not worried. (John P., 31)
  71. Life is how you make it. You have to know the System and beat it. (Anonymous, 42)
  72. Never expect anybody to say, think,or do anything. (Veronica, 18)
  73. Life is a fight, and even though it seems like you’re going to get knocked out, you must keep on fighting. (Jorge, 15)
  74. Some people say “blood is thicker than water”, I say “LOVE is thicker than them both.” meaning like a spouse, you can love someone just as much if not more though they’re not blood related. (Cole, 32)
  75. Be honest. It builds trust. (Annie, 19)
  76. When you go back to the place you started from and see the difference in the things you did you can be sure you have definitely come a long way and that in its self is a sign of change. And any change is better than no change. Stagnation is death blow. (San, 26)
  77. Life is but a fleeting moment in time, so let your spirit burn brightly for all to see. (Vinnie, 65)
  78. Every time I trust people they teach me why I shouldn’t. (Sukanya, 17)
  79. Only those who pay the price win the prize and with God all labour is profit. (Ngozi, 30)
  80. It’s never too late to cut out the negative people in your life. (Clarissah, 37)
  81. The best things in life are very hard to achieve. You can do it. Don’t expect mommy and daddy to achieve YOUR greatness. (Coach Cline, 39)
  82. Life is simple. Just follow the heart that God gave you. It’s the only best thing that you can ever do. (Ray F., 26)
  83. Judging others is the greatest mistake I ever made. It wasted my time. It hurt me and it hurt others. It is not my job to be the judge. I am a terrible judge. People want to be accepted forgiven and loved, not picked apart and judged. (Jane, 50)
  84. Sometimes you just have to just try imagine yourself in someone life for a day, if it hurts you, it probably hurts them. Compassion is something we have to little of I have lived through all kinds of things life has given me. But through that experience I’ve learned to forgive and all that was done and go on with life. Life is to short for anger by the time you want to say I love it maybe to late. Forgive and just hold on to life make the best of it. (Blanche, 54)
  85. The best of you lies in your best decision, not in years on Earth or energy available but commitment put into your decision. (Don D., 27)
  86. Always Keep Your Self Respect. Dont Love anyone more than yourself… be happy (Anny, 28)
  87. Life is like a game, you when some and lose some, but never give up. (Marcos G., 19
  88. There are no wrong decisions. We just think it’s wrong because we aren’t satisfied of its results. (Janna A., 20)
  89. We choose to make things COMPLICATED. 🙂 (Janna A., 20)
  90. My mother told me, ” I should have started living for joy sooner”, so i started living for joy, right that very moment and for as long as i live. (Paul, 22)
  91. You are smart, you are funny and damn it, people like you. (Paul, 22)
  92. Life can be hard but you will improve as it goes on. (MH, 15)
  93. Everything happens for the best. (Amanthie W., 26)
  94. We’re all weird. It’s just who’s willing to admit it that makes us normal. (Kat G., 18)
  95. Never sign any paper without an attorney! (Travis, 21)
  96. You will not get to your destination if you pay attention to every dog that barks. (Rovz, 20)
  97. Never make decisions based on what others may think. Do what feels right in your heart. (Inahat, 19)
  98. Time is one of things in life that once gone never come back again. (LastDesertMan, 35)
  99. I learned that researching / reading is the way out of ignorance. (Christian, 23)
  100. Think twice before you text or email. You might regret it later. (Anonymous)


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