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Hall of Fame

Song by The Script feat Thanks to Connor and Priyesh for the song recommendation. Download Song You can achieve almost anything you want but it’s not going to be easy, it never is. You’re going to have to go through some moments of pain. Challenges will

The Fighter

Song By Gym Class Heroes ft. Ryan Tedder Recommended by Tanya and Merls Download Song This song is for people who are fighting for their dreams. Don’t be afraid to take chances. You’ll get knocked around, you could be sure of that, but don’t let that phase

Dreams of Reality

Song by Fame or Juliet I chose this song for its overall message about continuing to dream and not stop just because things get tough. Of course things will get difficult, it’s part of life. Dreaming along isn’t enough however. Everyone dreams of that perfect life at

The Uprising

Song by Pilot Hill Download Song This is the ending song from the movie, The Darkest Hour. I chose this song because it’s upbeat and has a message of power. Don’t let anyone hold you down. Rise up against your fears, doubts, and inhibitions. Sometimes, it’s in

Today My Life Begins

Song by Bruno Mars Thanks to ilynaf for the song suggestion. I chose this song because it talks about dealing with the painful aspects of life. We all go through times where we feel as if life is too hard and that things will never get better.


by AfterSchoolSpecial Listen to another song… Select a Song300 – Jorge QuinteroAll I Got – MC HushAll About You – ClassifiedAwake and Alive – SkilletBeat It – Michael JacksonBelieve – Josh GrobanBoom – P.O.D.Born For GreatnessCan’t Nobody Stop Me – Royce Da 5’9Can’t Take That Away –

Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You)

Song by Kelly Clarkson Download Song I chose this song for its message about how challenges can make us stronger if we look at those challenges as an opportunity to grow. You’ll have ups and downs in life, that’s a given and it’s unavoidable. When things aren’t

The Show Goes On

Song by Lupe Fiasco Download Song I chose this song because of its message and beat. There aren’t too many mainstream rap songs that have a positive/motivational message so this song stood out for me. “No matter what you see when you look outside your window, brown

The Climb

Song by Miley Cyrus Download Song Ahmir ft. David Sides Version The Climb – I chose this motivational song because it talks about the process and journey of reaching a dream. During the course of life, you will have to face many struggles and challenges. Your mind

One Day

Song by Charice Download Song I chose this song because it talks about something that nearly all dreamers have to face, and that is haters. You could call them critics, negative people, in-laws, or whatever else you want. The point is that when you have a dream,