The Climb

Song by Miley Cyrus

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Ahmir ft. David Sides Version

The Climb – I chose this motivational song because it talks about the process and journey of reaching a dream. During the course of life, you will have to face many struggles and challenges. Your mind may constantly tell you to give up. The people around you may urge you to stop dreaming for your sake.

You will have times when you will feel alone and wonder what’s the point pursuing these dreams when it’s so hard? It is during these times that you must remember why you wanted those dreams in the first place. It is during these times when you look in the mirror and face your biggest enemy. You must be able to fight and keep fighting for your dreams even if your own reflection tells you to quit.

Now once you overcome those setbacks and obstacles, you will be faced with more. Don’t take it personally, that’s just how life is. Those “mountains” are there to help you grow. The stronger you become, the bigger the mountains you can climb. The bigger the mountains, the bigger the dreams you can pursue. The more challenges you face, the bigger the possibilities are for your life.

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