The Uprising

Song by Pilot Hill

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This is the ending song from the movie, The Darkest Hour. I chose this song because it’s upbeat and has a message of power. Don’t let anyone hold you down. Rise up against your fears, doubts, and inhibitions. Sometimes, it’s in our darkest hours that we find out what we’re really made of. Stand up, take charge, and fight for the life that you want.

Will it be hard? Of course it will. Will you want to give up and just quit all together? Most likely. Will you feel like there’s no hope, that it’ll be impossible, and wonder if it’s even worth the effort? Most definitely.

My advice? Do it anyway. Why? Because you already know what the outcome of giving up will be so where’s the excitement in that? Many people who have overcome incredible odds simply because they wanted to see what would happen if they gave it their all, just in case things end up working out for them.

Life is weird like that. The more you fight against the natural urges to take the easy road, the more paths will open up to you, paths that you may have not even known existed. If you want to give up, wait until you’re 90. Until then, fight.

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