Until you run out of pages

You’re the creator and the main character of your own life’s story. You can either let the struggles of life ruin your story and have it turn out like most people’s (predictable and boring) or you can decide to take advantage of those circumstances and use it

A life spent making mistakes

In order to grow, we need to attempt new things, take new actions. When we do something new, we will likely be bad at it and because we’ll be bad at it at first, we will make mistakes. However, it’s in making these mistakes that we learn

Believe in possibilities

Every dream begins with the belief that it’s possible. However, through constant setbacks, many of us have stopped believing that greatness is within our reach. We’ve been so conditioned to not let our hopes up in fear of pain that many have stopped trying altogether. As a

The time to be happy is now

Far too many people put being happy to some distant future. They wait until they get the promotion or buy that house or find that perfect person. If your goal in life is to be happy, then realize happiness is a decision, not some destination. Shooting for

One of the most common causes of failure

Temporary defeat is going to happen, over and over again, so it’s best that you learn to deal with it. Most people would rather not deal with it and simply quit. They might have been persistent to some degree in the past but as they faced more

You can’t live off potential for the rest of your life

We all have incredible potential lying inside of us waiting to be released. The problem is, most people either don’t recognize their potential or they keep waiting for something miraculous to happen or good fortune to be bestowed upon them. If you’re one of the many who

Don’t be distracted by criticism

Whenever you go for an important goal, especially one that is publicly visible, you’ll likely have people who won’t exactly give you any encouragement or support. In fact, they’ll likely do the opposite and discourage you from pursuing your dreams. They’ll criticize your plans or even show

We are what we repeatedly do

Success in life doesn’t come from taking sporadic actions. It doesn’t come from getting something done only when you feel motivated to do so. Success comes from consistent action. Consistent action is produced when you create a habit of taking action. If you want to get an

When life knocks you down, try to land on your back

No matter what happens, always be looking up and forward. It’s fine if you want to spend some time sulking but don’t do it for too long. You’ve still got a life to live and dreams to pursue. As long as you’re looking in the right direction,