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Will Smith on Positive Thinking

Will Smith motivational speech on positive thinking. The way you think and what you believe of yourself will have a great impact on your success and your happiness in life. Things like “bad luck” and “problems” happens to everyone. Even the most successful happiest people have problems. It’s not the problems you get but the way we deal with them.

Those who constantly think positive thoughts will generally attract more positive things into their life. You don’t have to believe this but if your life is full of challenges and negativity, try thinking more positively and see how your life will start to change. Once you see this happening, you will start to see the power of positive thinking.

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  1. does positive thinkin has anything to do wit educational intelligence?

    1. Educational intelligence? Probably not. Kids can think positively as well.

  2. wow,what a nice advice. truly if all people could be thinking positively and doing things positively ,then life could so simple without any mishaps in life.

  3. A very good video! Will smith will be Future President of USA

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