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Here are some great motivational speeches that I feel will touch your heart, uplift your soul, and encourage you when you’ve been knocked down. Hopefully, you will find a motivational speech that will remind you of how you felt when you first set those goals. You remember don’t you? The feeling of total confidence that you can make this life the way you envision it? It’s still there. You just need to access it.

Don’t ever let circumstances, events, or other people tell you can’t do something. You deserve to experience a life of joy, freedom, and completeness. Just don’t give up. Enjoy these motivation speeches.

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Motivational Speech

Various Speeches

Rocky Balboa

Rocky Balboa

Tony Robbins

Tony Robbins at TED

Will Smith

Will Smith (R&R)

Will Smith

Positive Thinking

Will Smith

Pursuit of Happyness

Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs

Randy Pausch

Oprah Winfrey

J.K. Rowling

J.K. Rowling


Tony Robbins

Randy Pausch


Les Brown


Zig Ziglar - Goals

Jim Rohn

Dr. Wayne Dyer


Bob Proctor

Napoleon Hill

John Maxwell


Denis Waitley

brian tracy

Brian Tracy

John Wooden


Earl Nightingale

Charlie Chaplin

Eric Thomas

nick vujicic speech

Nick Vujicic


Arnold Schwarzenegger

Andy Dooley

Motivational Speech

Ruben Gonzalez

Sarah Kay

Buffet & Gates

The best way to use these inspirational speeches is to learn the key points and use them. When you find a motivation speech that makes you want to get up and take action, actually do it. Sitting there and doing nothing will not change your life; only focused action will. If you don’t already have a specific goal in mind, then read How to Set Goals first. Getting inspired by an inspirational speech and not knowing what to do is quite pointless.

One of the reasons why I love motivational speeches so much is because they help me remember why I do what I do. There will be times along your journey where you will be faced with extreme obstacles and setbacks. They will make you reconsider your ability to accomplish your dream. They will make you come up with excuses to procrastinate. They will make you feel hopeless, powerless, and frustrated.

These are the times when you will find out what you’re really made of. These are the moments you will find out just how much you want your dreams. These are the times when your character is built. Having tools like inspiring speeches and all the other tools on this website can help you stay positive and focused on what matters during those moments. What you choose to focus on when things get tough will determine everything.

It won’t be easy. If it were, they wouldn’t be called obstacles and they wouldn’t force you to grow. Remaining focused and determined on your goals isn’t an easy task. It’s easy to be side tracked. I’ve had problems with this myself. Many times I would be working on something just to have something else catch my attention and become side tracked only to forget what I was originally doing later on.

Remaining focused when things are easy is, well, easy. It’s when things get tough, when your confidence gets damaged, when things aren’t going your way… these are the times when you need some recharging. I hope one of these free motivational speeches will help change your life. If so, please share it with someone.

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  1. Where are the women? Surely you could have found more than 2 examples (who just happened to be included in the first summary video) of motivating speakers who are women?

    1. Lily, you’re right. I haven’t paid much attention to this page for some time. Good thing I added this comments section recently. I added one of Oprah’s speeches. Do you have any other suggestions?

  2. Hello Kevin,
    You got good eyes and I enjoyed this site a lot. I was lucky to have come across this.
    Please don’t ever think that people don’t come watch the videos here. If they don’t comment, it’s because they may not consider commenting important.
    Please upload variety of vids from ‘different’ or ‘rare’ motivational speakers.
    Thank you so much.
    Seeing success is not a bit short of being success.

    1. Thanks Mike.

    2. you are very true responce is not importent but the things you do is more importent

  3. Like my hero Bruce Lee said:
    Knowing is not enough
    You must apply it.

    It a good thing I ran into this web site and I do believe all of you are my hero.

  4. eyes wide open with respect.

  5. Wow! These are some of the best speeches I’ve seen. Thanks for putting this together.

  6. man you’re doing good. keep on.

  7. Great Job! These Inspirational speeches are great, if we are able to grasp just a little bit from each speech and put it to work in our lives that will be a good start………….

  8. Thank you very for such inspirational words which adds moments of our life!

  9. These motivational speeches and quotes,,did really make me believe that i can,reminded me to follow my dreams,im now inspired and motivated!!tomorrow is for me make it up if i wsnt able make it up im gonna stand up,act and make my move!NO MATTER WHAT!!

  10. Its Really Great Touching And Electrifying. These Inspirational Speeches Are More Than Touching For It Helps One To Move

  11. These motivational speeches are really helpful, for whenever i read it, it always pull my triggers and gear me up to be up and doing,it makes me to be more optimistic and courageous to confront the risks of life.

  12. Hey, This is a 3 min Inspirational photo clip if you would like to share

  13. i ‘m back on my form and always feel revived as i was down and out for sometime in my life now i can realize my purpose in my life, thanks
    for your motivation.

  14. I was looking for a topic to talk about on Friday for the English class students, and luckily I ran into your page, amazed at what I can find here. You truly are doing a favor for all those in need, I wish people would know more about your page. Thanks for the hard efforts you put in to this.
    And Also, I realized you have a Vietnamese last name. It’s very nice to have known you.

  15. inspiring!

  16. I loved it…. indeed it’s awesome.

    So much inspiration.

  17. with such speeches n books i have successfully started a school n im happy to say bye to police force.i constantly thought, its better to build a child than repair a man.. tons n tons of gratitudes

  18. Thanks for inspiring and developing my mind.

  19. Hae pple! you’ve actually touched my heart, lifted up my soul and encouraged me to stay focused. I want to act now after having been inspired this much. Thank you and God bless you

  20. wow!!! it help me to be more concrete person. thank you.

  21. am so!!! self inspired with dis write up… I guess it is the best place to be

  22. i could learn more about motivational speeches …. thank for delivering informations.

  23. wow!!! thanks a lot Kevin! you have just made me realize who I am!

  24. I am dedicated to inspire too before I expire…someone out there to mentor me? so God Help me.

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