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  1. Hi,
    I am looking for some motivational material that can be delivered to employee s of an IT company
    Please let me know if you could give some guidance.

    1. What are you looking for exactly?

  2. Hello, my name is Jordan Frazier. I am a senior at Cedar Grove High School, and I was inspired by your video. I am also the leader of the Black History Program, and would like you to come and speak to my fellow student body.

  3. Eric,
    You have been so inspirational to one of our students! You have changed his life and he is graduating from high school next week! Is there any way you could call and congratulate him? Or….will you be coming to Southern Califonia soon? I will buy a ticket for him to see you! It would be the highlight of his life! Thanks for making a diffence!!

  4. I am looking for information on how to contact Eric Thomas. I would like to get information on having him as a guest speaker.

  5. Hello my husband first showed me E.T.’s videos and I was so impressed and inspired that I wish to know how to contact him for my youth/teens I work with. A team and I work for a non-profit Group Home Agency. We help our transitional youth who are preparing to age out on their own or with limited resources. Any information on appearances, special video/book packages, and of course any chances of being a guest speaker would be much appreciated!!! Thank You!

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