TOTD – August 3, 2012

When things don’t go as planned, many people use it as a reason to stop working on their dreams. They figure that if the world is against them, what’s the point? The world isn’t against them, you, or anybody.

Things are going to happen that may make you question your faith in your ability to reach your goals. The easy thing to do is to feel like life’s unfair and just quit and spend the rest of your life telling people stories of why you couldn’t do this or that. If this is the decision you want to make, that’s fine.

However, that would make for a pretty boring story don’t you think? Great stories of accomplishment involves the main character overcoming great obstacles. You’re the creator of your own story and since you have to actually live the story you write, I recommend that you make sure you write a good one; one that has the power to one day inspire your kids and grand kids to keep pursuing their dreams despite whatever challenges life decides to throw at them.

– Kevin Ngo

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