TOTD – July 30, 2012

We all have incredible potential. We all have the ability to make our lives far greater than it is right now. However, just having potential alone won’t do us any good. You can go through your entire life with more potential than anyone around you but until you work your butt off at reaching that potential, having it alone is useless. You can’t sell it or eat it or even give it away.

The only two things you can do with your potential is either chase it or waste it.

So stop day dreaming about how life could’ve been if only you had stuck with this or done that and decide right now that even if you can’t reach your full potential, you’re going to give it your very best shot. There’s not enough time to sit around regretting all day. Life’s too short for that. You gotta have the courage to go out there and claim the life you’ve been dreaming of.

When something is being chased, it’ll speed up. When you chase your potential, it’ll start to grow.

– Kevin Ngo

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