TOTD – July 18, 2012

Temporary setbacks are something that we all have to face every now and then. Expecting everything to always go exactly as planned can lead to some major disappointments. Realize that setbacks are a part of life. In fact, they’re what makes achieving a goal worth celebrating over. When was the last time you celebrated after doing something you could do without any effort like brush your teeth?

I realize setbacks aren’t the easiest things to deal with. I think most of us would just rather not go through them at all. However, keep in mind that going through those moments of doubt and discouragement and yet still finding the mental strength to keep fighting for your dreams is what gives your eventual success excitement and meaning.

Don’t let setbacks take you out of the game. Instead, use them to intensify your desire. When all is said and done, you’ll either have a list of excuses, or a list of battles won.

– Kevin Ngo

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