TOTD – July 17, 2012

What you’re capable of achieving in your life time is really anyone’s guess. Don’t let what you’ve failed to achieve in the past or the limits of what you’ve achieved so far stop you from attempting things that may seem beyond your reach at the moment. Too many people limit themselves by only going for goals they know is well within their reach. While doing this reduces the amount of disappointments they may face, it also prevents them from finding out how far they could really go.

With that said though, truly believing you could accomplish something plays a big role in how long you will stick with the goal. If you don’t even think it’s possible, you’re not going to give it your full effort.

The key is to simply break down your out of reach goal into smaller steps. As you accomplish these smaller steps, your level of belief in reaching your ultimate goal will grow and as that happens, the seemingly impossible goal will start to look more and more possible.

– Kevin Ngo

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