TOTD – July 12, 2012

Whether it’s hitting the gym, studying, or getting up at 5am, there will be days where you’re not going to feel like doing the things you need to do. Wouldn’t life be great if you feel motivated every single day?

Many people have the misconception that successful people are always motivated. This isn’t the case. We’re all human. We all have those lazy moments where we’d just rather do something else but those who get results in life don’t wait until they feel like doing something to do it, they do it regardless of how they feel.

Your level of success in life will come down to whether or not you can get yourself to do what needs to be done even if you don’t feel like it. Anyone can take action if they feel like it. But when you don’t feel like it and take action anyway, that’s when success will only be a matter of time.

– Kevin Ngo

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