TOTD – July 10, 2012

Many people blame their current conditions on their circumstances. Just because you grew up in a bad town or had terrible parents or couldn’t finish college for whatever reason or grew up on welfare, it doesn’t mean your life is limited. Yes, the road to a better life may be tougher compared to those who had everything handed to them but don’t let that stop you from believing that you could obtain a better life for yourself.

It may help to look into the background of some of the successful people in our society. You’ll find that many of them had circumstances that would make most people predict a life of mediocrity. However, instead of taking the easy path and letting their circumstances confine them, they decided to take fate into their own hands and mold their life into something those around them didn’t think was possible.

Where you end up doesn’t depend on where you start, it depends on which direction you choose to take.

– Kevin Ngo

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