Unlimited Power Seminar (11-17)

Here is parts 11-17 of this 17 part videos of Tony Robbins Unlimited Power seminar. Go to parts 1-5 or parts 6-10 if you haven’t seen it.

Hopefully you’ve haven’t been sitting there watching this passively. To really get this stuff, you need to get your whole body into it. If you’ve watched this far, then I know you’re a type of person who not only wants to make a difference in your life, but someone who’s willing to take action and make it happen.

Part 11 (The Power Move)

Part 12

Part 13 (How to Raise Your Standards)

Part 14 (How to Change Your Limiting Beliefs)

Part 15

Part 16 (How to Push Through Any Challenge)

Part 17 (***Now I Am The Voice***)

And there you have it. I hope you enjoyed this 3 hour life changing seminar and that you learned something that you can use to take your life to where you want it to be. The majority of people won’t even get half way through a program like this let alone finish it. So you’re truly amongst the few who are committed to changing their life for the better and I congratulate you for it.

Again, nothing beats being at his seminars in person. I’d highly recommend you going if you have the chance. Tony Robbins is reaching 50, who knows how much longer he’ll be doing this kind of stuff.

Final words: Learning is great, getting motivated is great, having dreams is great… but if you don’t take action and go use the stuff you just learned to make your dreams a reality, then you’ve wasted your time. Don’t let that happen. Now go out and create the life you’ve been dreaming of!

If you want to learn more about the strategies taught in this seminar, I highly recommend the following products that I personally own myself. An investment in yourself is the best investment you can make.

Personally Recommended Programs

The Power to Shape Your DestinyThe Power To Shape Your Destiny will become your close companion as you use it to realize what you really want from your life. Do you want a more fulfilling career, economic freedom, or more passionate relationships? Do you want to have the time for extraordinary vacations? Would you just like to be closer to a certain friend, relative, or loved one? What’s been holding you back from living your dreams? If you want to change it all, this is the program to make it happen.

Here are two of his best selling books…

Awaken the Giant Within

Unlimited Power

And finally…

His best selling audio program of all-time and my personal favorite, the program that completely changed the way I thought about life….

Personl Power II: The Driving Force… the tools and strategies from the program, if put into action, will revolutionize your life.

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