Time You Enjoy Wasting Was Not Wasted

Whether you’re wasting your time doing a particular activity or not is subjective. Some say watching TV with your friends is a waste of time but if you’re having fun, then is it a waste of time? Some say working long hours at the office is a good use of time but what if you absolutely hate it?

I think the only time we waste is the time we spend doing things that won’t ever add to our enjoyment in life. Working late at the office might not be enjoyable at the moment but if you’re doing it so you can have the resources to create enjoyable moments in the future, then it’s not a waste of time.

Now if you’re spending your time watching TV or surfing the web just to pass the time and it does nothing for your enjoyment level either now or in the future, then I’d say you’re wasting your time especially if what you’re doing will actually decrease your enjoyment in the future as well.

Of course, it’s your life and you can spend your time doing whatever it is you want. Just don’t forget, what you spend time doing today can effect what options you’ll have in the future.

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