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Stronger – I chose this song because of its message of becoming stronger after a setback. Many times in our lives, obstacles will knock us down and make us feel weak. These are opportunities to use that setback to become tougher. We grow most through our failures. Learn from them, stand back up, and try not to get knocked down by the same thing. The tougher you get, the bigger the obstacles you’re able to face. Once you can tackle bigger obstacles, you will see that you can pursue bigger dreams. Once you start pursuing those bigger dreams, you will realize just how much possibilities you have.

It won’t be easy to say the least. You’ll run into difficulties and once you overcome them, more will show up. Your life will be about climbing one mountain after another. If it sounds overwhelming, well, it should. The good news is as you overcome whatever challenges life throws at you, you will gain experience and if you choose to, you’ll become stronger and more able to handle biggest challenges that will produce bigger results and opportunities.

Failures get taken out of the game over the tiniest setbacks. Winners use those setbacks to strengthen their resolve and build the strength to face the onslaught of many more setbacks to come.

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