No Boundaries

Co-written by Kara Dioguardi

Thanks to JoJo and Zain for the song suggestion

Kris Allen Version
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Kara Dioguardi

Adam Lambert Version
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If there’s one thing you can be sure of when it comes to pursuing your dreams, it’s that you’re going to face some challenges. You’re going to have to deal with moments of doubt where you start to question whether or not you’ll ever achieve your goal. Sometimes, it will seem like the harder and longer you work on a dream, the tougher it gets. Going through the disappointments can make you wonder if all of this is even worth it.

This isn’t to discourage you. It’s to let you realize that although lots of things may stand in your way, you are your greatest obstacle. The limits of what you can achieve is yet to be seen and it can only be approached if you refuse to give up. You will get knocked down every now and then but that’s okay. Being knocked down is normal but staying down… that’s unacceptable. There are no boundaries to what you’re capable of accomplishing except the ones you set for yourself.

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