Motivation Proclamation

Song by Good Charlotte

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Motivation Proclamation – I chose this motivational song mainly because of the chorus and the beat. “Motivate me, I wanna get myself out of this bed. Captivate me, I want good thoughts inside of my head.” During the pursuit of any goal, you will inevitably run into a lot of obstacles. Most of those obstacles will come from one source, you. There’s this voice inside of your head that will constantly be your biggest enemy. It doesn’t do it on purpose though. It is there to “protect” you from feeling pain.

It’s the same voice that tells you “it’s too cold, go back to bed, just 10 more minutes” when you want to get up at a certain time. It’s the voice that tells you to give up because it’s safer or because disappointment will feel even worse. You need to learn how to shut that voice up if you ever want to become successful. Take control of your own destiny instead of obeying to the scared, lazy side of yourself.

It can help to say positive affirmations to yourself each day to help over ride those unproductive, negative thoughts. The key is to say the affirmations with feeling instead of just mindlessly uttering the words. Use music if it helps pump you up and get you in the right mood.

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