List of 7 Sites You Should Be Wasting Time On

Here’s a list of 7 sites that you should be wasting time on, or maybe not. Actually, you should probably avoid these sites if you want to be productive. So unless you just want something to do to pass the time, you should stop reading now. Seriously, stop. Still here? Well, I hope you already finished whatever you had to finish. There are a ton of other sites that can be potential time wasters but here’s just 7 of them, not in any particular order. If your goal is to waste time, one of these sites should help you out.

1. – You know the drill. You go there to search and watch one video and you end up watching a dozen or two other videos that have nothing to do with the original video. It’s way too easy to get side tracked with millions of hours worth of video from documentaries to funny videos to motivational videos to videos you probably don’t want to ever see again.

2. – Ever have one of those days where you just think your life sucks? Well, here’s a site where thousands of people post how bad their day was or how some event happened that just made them think their life sucks. Who knows, maybe reading a few of these will make you realize your life isn’t all that bad.

3. – If you’re bored and want to read random things on random topics that a ton of people find interesting for some reason, then check out Reddit. From funny stuff to controversial stuff, you may find a hour passing by without even knowing it.

4. – This popular site is full of funny comics and quizzes about things that a lot of people can relate to. Pointless? Maybe, but it’s a good time waster.

5. – If you’re an animal lover, don’t visit this site or you’ll spend countless hours browsing through all of the cute pictures of dogs, cats, and other animals. The words “awww” will spill out of your mouth way too many times and before you know it, you’re way behind on your work.

6. – This site is full of cool looking but totally unnecessary, overpriced products, from all around the web. From a $6,500 labyrinth aquarium for your beloved fish to a $900 Swiss Army Knife with 87 tools, if you happen to have more money than you can spend (lucky you), check out this site. There are actually some decently priced, useful products mixed in with the “you have way too much money” products.

7. – Not really my thing but my wife loves it. Checking out a few boards can easily turn into dozens of boards as you pin and repin stuff onto your own boards. It can be a great way to view a lot of cool things from breath taking images to clothes to design ideas but make no mistake, if you have stuff to do, don’t visit this site.

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