Inspirational Messages

Here are some inspirational messages to help inspire you to either get out of a negative mindset or to spring into action and achieve your goals. These messages of inspiration can help you to think different thoughts and therefore take different actions. When you start to think differently, you will start to behave differently and that’s how you make a change in your life. One of the reasons why these messages can help change our thinking is because they can help us put things into perspective or give you a new pattern of thought. Once this happens, a chain effect can occur that can lead you down a different path in life.

These are inspirational messages on different topics. They are short clips that provide quick personal development lessons. Sometimes you just want to watch something short but still provides valuable lessons. This is what these videos in this section are about.

If you know of any short motivational videos, please let me know on the comments link on the left. Any suggestions are highly appreciated. Enjoy these videos and be motivated!

Overcoming Fear of Failure (Montel Williams)

Create Your Attitude (Jack Canfield)

You Are What You Think About (Brian Tracy)

Perseverence (Mark Victor Hansen)

Positive Mental Attitude (Jeffrey Gitomer)

Inch by Inch, Rugby Style

Conversations (Mike Lipkin)

The Strangest Secret Excerpt

More to come. Remember to bookmark this page as more videos will be added constant as I come across them.

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