I Give It All

Song by Rise Against

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I Give It All – I chose this song because of the upbeat and the message of giving it your all. When you have a strong enough reason to not hold back, going all out, you will find yourself making strides towards your dreams.

Often, people will say that they have tried everything and that they gave it their best shot, but the truth is that very few people have really given their all. When was the last time you gave everything you had towards achieving a goal? Do you think you couldn’t given a bit more? The next time you think you can’t go on any further, take one more step and you’ll start to see what giving your all is all about.

Does it really take this much effort to achieve your dreams? In reality, no. However, most people don’t produce anywhere near their capabilities so just attempting to give it your all will benefit you even if that’s not the case.

It’s not just about hard work either. There are people who work hard, I mean real hard but still never get anywhere. You got to work smart as well and make sure you’re doing the right things, working on projects that have a good chance of getting you to your goal. Sometimes you can put in half the effort doing the right things and produce more than someone who puts in twice the effort on the wrong things.

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