Don’t Let Life Beat Your Dreams Out of You

What’s worse than never achieving your dream? How about reaching it and then seeing it get taken away?

Whether you still have a long way to go, just within reach, or have already achieved your dreams, realize that there are many more obstacles and challenges to come and when they show up, life can seem pretty unfair.

The reality is, life seems unfair because it isn’t fair.

Don’t think that just because you’re a nice, hard working person that you’ll end up getting everything you want in life. It just doesn’t work out that way for most people.

Let’s face it, life can be down right brutal sometimes and no matter how good your intentions are or how noble your goals may be, life will indiscriminately find a way to beat you down and the sooner you accept this, the better you’ll be prepared to deal with whatever life can throw at you.

Setting goals, having dreams… anyone can do these things so it’s not just about knowing what you want, it’s also about wanting what you want badly enough that you’ll hold on to your dreams no matter how hard life mentally beats you down.

Many of these huge challenges that show up will force you to make life altering decisions, most of which will come down to two choices: Either keep going or give up. Most will eventually choose the latter.

When you’re motivated and things are going well, the choice to keep going is easy and obvious but when you’ve been seemingly wronged by life for the 100th time, when the odds of victory are clearly not on your side, it might not be so easy anymore.

The main point is this:

Life mainly rewards those with relentless perseverance, those who just won’t stay down no matter how much it beats them.

Sure, life isn’t fair, it never was, but when you choose to stand your ground and refuse to let it take your dreams away, the odds will begin to tip in your favor.

Pursuing a big dream can be a tough road to be on which is why most people break and give up their dreams but those who decide to persevere despite the difficult challenges they’ll be facing will often be the ones life will end up rewarding one way or another.

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