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Excuses Begone (Dr. Wayne Dyer)

Dr Wayne Dyer talks about getting rid of excuses and living the life that you really want to experience. (1/13) (2/13) (3/13) (4/13) (5/13) (6/13) (7/13) (8/13) (9/13) (10/13) (11/13) (12/13) (couldn’t find it) (13/13) Related: Your Ultimate Calling Dr. Wayne Dyer Motivational Speeches

How to Have Your Best Year Ever – Jim Rohn

Here is one of Jim Rohn’s classic seminars called How to Have Your Best Year Ever. I remember watching it back in 1999 on VHS and recently found it on Youtube. It’s over 4 hours long but worth watching. So grab a cup of coffee and get

How to Follow Through with Your Goals by Tony Robbins

It’s the beginning of the year again and for many people, it’s time to refocus, set goals, and get back on track. This is fine if you want to continue living a life below what you are capable of but if you want to step up to

The Power of Intention (Video)

In this 2 hour program, Dr. Wayne Dyer talks about how our intentions can greatly affect our life. Part 1 of 2 Part 2 of 2 Back to Wayne Dyer

Eric Thomas

Eric Thomas is a motivational speaker, author, activist, and a minister. Here is an awesome speech he gave to a group of students on the secrets to success. Part 1 Part 2 Back to Motivational Speeches page.

Unlimited Power Seminar (11-17)

Here is parts 11-17 of this 17 part videos of Tony Robbins Unlimited Power seminar. Go to parts 1-5 or parts 6-10 if you haven’t seen it. Hopefully you’ve haven’t been sitting there watching this passively. To really get this stuff, you need to get your whole

Unlimited Power Seminar (6-10)

This is Tony Robbins Unlimited Power seminar program parts 6-10 of 17 parts. View parts 1-5 if you haven’t already. Hopefully the excitement is increasing. The seminar gets better and better. Let’s do this… Part 6 (Getting Into A Peak State) Part 7 (The Power of Focus)

Tony Robbins – Unlimited Power Seminar

If you’ve never been to a Tony Robbins UPW seminar or any of his seminars, you’ll have a taste of what it’s like. Being there is 100 times better though. Here you will be able to view Tony Robbins Unlimited Power Seminar! You will learn how to

Motivational Speech

Motivational speech by Tony Robbins on the power of clarity and purpose. Watch Tony Robbins’ Unlimited Power Seminar in full for FREE. Here’s one of Tony’s programs that you might enjoy and find life changing. In this program, he takes some of the best stuff from his