Believe in possibilities

Every dream begins with the belief that it’s possible. However, through constant setbacks, many of us have stopped believing that greatness is within our reach. We’ve been so conditioned to not let our hopes up in fear of pain that many have stopped trying altogether.

As a result, many have concluded they are destined for mediocrity, that nothing can be changed. The funny thing is, if they continue to believe this, they will fulfill their own prophecy.

None of us has any idea what each of us is capable of. Until you give your last breath, don’t ever count yourself out. If you don’t like your “fate”, change it. Start believing in yourself again.

The result of your life will be the sum of the decisions you make and the actions you take today. You may have failed in the past but the future isn’t determined by the past; it’s determined by what you decide to do right now.

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