Be strong because things will get better

In life, you’re going to have good times and you’re going to have bad times; it’s unavoidable. Although it sucks when you’re in one of the down parts of life, to help you get through these difficulties, rely on the fact that life works in a cycle, like clockwork, and that sooner or later, things will get better.

The opposite is also true so when things are going well, don’t celebrate too much. Leave some time to prepare for the storm that will inevitably come. The bad times in life helps us become stronger and makes the good times in life much more meaningful.

Just keep in mind that in many situations, things just don’t get better on its own. How you react to the bad times will largely determine how slowly or quickly things will turn around. Give up and the bad may continue for a very long time. Soldier on and the good could be just around the corner.

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