4 Regrets

Just a random post on some of my regrets. These are in no particular order.

1. Getting addicted to time wasting activities

During my college days and part of my high school days, I played a lot of video games and watched a lot of TV. All of the time I spent doing those things could’ve been used to learn a few skills that I would actually still be using today.

What I’m doing now: Taking out time each day to work on mastering a skill.

2. Taking out student loans

Still paying it off, but almost done. For some majors, the right school and loans is necessary but this wasn’t the case for my major. I wish I had stuck with a cheaper school.

What I’m doing now: Spend my money more wisely.

3. Not realizing the value of relationships

Happiness can temporarily be enhanced with more material things but when you have deeper connections with people, your happiness level can stay elevated. Make time for the people who mean something to you. In the end, these bonds will be far more valuable than anything you can buy.

What I’m doing now: Keeping in touch with those I care about even if it’s just an email.

4. Thinking there is plenty of time

Until you deal with a death of someone you care about, it’s often easy to think life will keep going on and on. Even then, as life goes back to normal, we can tend to forget how short it really is. I wish I had spent more time with my dad. For some reason, I thought he’d always be around. 10 years can sure go by fast.

What I’m doing now: Reminding myself that tomorrow isn’t guaranteed.

Regardless of what your regrets are, learn from them and move on. Use your past as a reason to work on a better future instead of letting it drag your future down.

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