300 Violin Orchestra

Song by Jorge Quintero

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I chose this piece because it’s a great workout song. As you have already experienced, music can get you in and out of a certain mood. In this case, at least for me, this song does a good job of pumping me up and getting me focused on a physical activity.

Part of the reason this song works, at least for many people, is because it changes their mood from normal to wanting to do something. When this happens, you will probably feel like moving due to the built up energy inside of you.

When you have this energy, you can use it for either something productive or something useless. The point of listening to these types of songs is to motivate you to take some sort of action that will improve your life in some way. Whether it’s working out getting you through a tough time or just getting you off the couch, when you go from inaction to action, that’s when things will start changing for you. That’s why you’ll start having more control of the outcomes of your life.

So use this song however you wish but if you can, use it to do something that will enhance your life in some way.


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