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Here are some motivational poems to inspire you on a deep level. They will help encourage you and strengthen your determination to not only pursue your dreams, but to make them a reality. Hopefully among these, you will find a motivational poem that will hit you emotionally and ignite that fire within you.

Whatever it is you may be going through, whatever the challenge you may be facing, whatever it is that’s stopping you from reaching your dreams and goals, it’s just a matter of time that you will overcome these temporary obstacles.

These inspirational poems are here to help relight that fire in your soul, to help you reclaim the life you were meant to live. If you find an inspirational poem that does that, immediately take action. Use that power to get closer to your goals. Feeling inspired and just thinking about it won’t do anything. It’s when you use that motivation to make a change, that’s when life starts to look brighter.

These inspiring poems about life can only do so much for you though. They can help put you in the right state of mind but it’ll be up to you to use that motivation to take action and go towards your dreams. Whether or not these motivation poems can change your life will be up to you. Perhaps they can inspire you into writing poetry of your own.

If you know of any motivational poems, please let me know in the contact page. Thank you and enjoy!

Motivational Poem

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  1. As the light shines through my window I awaken.
    I am reminded once more that today is another day stolen from borrowed time.
    Today I will live and live to will. I will be thankful for all I love and all I have.
    Every breath taken in shall be full as I take in the world around me.
    I will push away the pain, hide my tears and sorrow and drown out all that threatens my very being.
    Today I will climb that rock and sit on top staring and soaking in the beauty of nature, of life.
    I will let the wind whisper in my ears and flow through me filling my every sense, breathing life once more into my soul.
    Just for today I shall truly live, making the best of everything, because I know as the sun sets and sleeps, so shall I.
    I will be there once more to watch the last ray of the sun disappear, knowing that one day it may never awaken me.
    Just for today I will live.

    1. heart touching poem,very cool…..

    2. Good inspirational poem as it clearly shows the importance of time, also, highlighted how we should react or feel when facing different challenges.for example ‘I will push away the pain, hide my tears and sorrow and drown out all that threatens my very being.’

      ‘Today I will climb that rock and sit on top staring and soaking in the beauty of nature, of life.’… I really like that

    3. so cool…….very inspirational

    4. importance of time and how we need to start loving, respecting and value one another….im touched by this poem

    5. I was drowning in my mind with endless thoughts. I could not hear my words of hope that I have created for myself when I am weak and feel so alone. Your poem restored my balance and gave my mind the silence I needed to hear. Thank you.

    6. Dear Laurah Lynn

      Hi there, could we maybe use your poem in our new song.. we are new at making music and aren’t good at rhyming. it will be an honour to publish your poem in our new song .

      yours sincerely Ruan Koekemoer and Sheldon Weideman

    7. Beautiful poem.

    8. Simply a great poem.

    9. absolutely beautiful and because of people like you I have been blessed to have read it and feel it today…in a time of need

    10. Your poem is beautiful and inspiring. Thank you and may you be blessed in wonderful ways and days.

    11. mhmmm very inspiring indeed,,mhhm nyc 1

  2. Just for today i shall truly live, making the best of everything ….
    What an awesome poem! Keep the flag going.

  3. Once more into the fray
    Into the last good fight I’ll ever know
    Live and die on this day
    Live and die on this day

    1. your poem can make a dying man live again, a bitter person 2 smile again, a heartbroken person 2 love again… kudos

    2. wow…wow…this is good…

    3. Great words….This was also used in the film…The Grey if you ever get a chance to watch it xx

  4. like……nice poem.

  5. fantastic & fabulous!

  6. I love the poem, it’s really inspiring.

  7. very inspiring i felt every word.

  8. Love your poem. May I copy it and read it at a nursing home program to the residents?


  9. the words are so power and very helpful in days of Adversity . Thank you!

  10. Every step I take .
    Every trail i live .
    Today, I will live my mark so every one will know I was “Here”.

  11. very powerful..we are not promised tomorrow…it is new favorite poem…thank u

  12. Your whole life lays before you like a field of untreaded snow,be careful where you step as every step will show,I tell you this because I know, what you reap is what you sow,yes its true I tell you no lies, my word is my pride, but wisdom is bigger that’s the words from the wise,so be careful what you do and always think twice,cause you’ll never know what tomorrow has to offer as its a surprise

    1. aweesome words of the lord! deep in your heart we need them because were set apart we have pure hearts!!

    Because of you
    My eyes shine with gleams of sparkle
    Because of you
    My heart melts
    Because of you
    There’s love in my mind and soul
    Because of you
    My world never will end
    Because of you I will never be alone again
    So because of you I will always love you

    1. very powerful….

  14. I love that poem and I have a poem that I would like to share.


    You can touch someone’s life,
    Just by what you say or do,
    It’s nice to be able to do that,
    And I’m going to do it too.

    It might be by an act of kindness,
    Or just by something we say,
    It really doesn’t matter what it is,
    Because it will sure make their day.

    So try and touch someone’s life,
    And show them your love,
    Then you will be blessed in so many ways,
    From our Lord and Savior above.

    I hope you like this poem.

    1. That was amazing!!!

  15. You never know who will cry for you when you seem sad, I’d give my all to help you walk through your pains and sorrows.

  16. The winter may whisper a bitter cold word, but I will not bow to that breath. The journey may be bitter and brittle my bones, knees shattered from crawling on these stones. The morning shall bring a path opened to the closed doors of before, line of sight a pounding heart could not ignore. And this walk to, shall show the you in me and the me in you.

  17. Loving one like you.
    Best moments never broke through.
    Rain shield by your pouring love.
    As you lean on my shoulder like Jesus dove.
    Your smile awaken’s me.
    Your touch embraces.

    Percy- Dludlu

  18. Much does my heart hurt and
    Far away my intentions desert
    Left to toil and ponder why
    Deep within the soil of my mind

    Ascending in to find the seeds
    To plant and water by my deeds
    To forgive myself from the past
    To gain a life that’s good to last

    The seed that grows from craggy rocks
    Is timed a time that’s not from clocks
    But one that’s given by God’s grace
    Grows like one that doesn’t race

    Not looking now at where I loose
    Nor spending money all on booze
    Just moving forward every day
    Listening closely along the way

  19. I love thee with the love i seems to lost

  20. one second,
    one minute.
    one hour,
    one day,
    one week,
    one month,
    yet I let my time to pass by doing nothing
    Time wasted of wishing for a holiday

  21. pure love will never lead you wrong it go with you on a never ending road it keep you happy and never snappy its goal is to make you happy! oh what a beautiful smile pure love raining down by your side its always a true friend it love to see you win because your a gem.

  22. your poems are really touching and inpiring,thanks a lot you made a change in my life.

  23. All the poems were gorgeous. I loved it so much.

  24. very inspiring…

  25. I thought and I became,
    I prayed and it was answered,
    Not because I just prayed,
    But I also worked.

    I listened and I learned,
    I learned not to be perfect
    But to be my best,
    Not to impress the rest.

    I know I can’t change the world,
    But I can change myself,
    In that i have changed those around me.
    Those who who would change those around.
    In all we are all touched.

  26. im very inspired. This is awesum

  27. Great poem i really really like it because it’s poems like this which help to inspire me to do more.

  28. I step on beautiful flowers that did me no wrong
    I say words that put people where they don’t belong
    I make mistakes, doubt God’s elect
    Am only human, am neva perfect.

    Its rather alright that i had a past
    And its more beautiful that my past are past
    Alone in the world, even gold would be lonely
    If i’ve wronged you before, here, am sorry

    1. ncoooor thanx a lot Kingsolo that was too sweet , everything is just perfect and making sense especially the first line

    2. mmmh loved it can u gi’me dat nxt piece

  29. I’m seriously thinking about getting this tattooed on my self, I’m 22 and have never got a tattoo. any advice anyone??

  30. Thank you for sharing this amazing piece! I love it, one of the best of read!

  31. as dark as the black fume of smoke comes the night,as pure as the tender foot of a child comes the morning with no stain of human activities, my thought, plans and effort determines the chapter of my day,my mood at dusk determine the percentage of marks i get from each word and sentence i write in the book of life, nobody can write your page for you unless you let them and you abandon your pen,pick it up.

    1. Thank you ,
      I will pick up my pen

  32. The road not taken isn’t a motivational poem it’s actually kind of the opposite but besides that awesome poems! Loved em

  33. As new year comes,
    Am thankful,
    Because am grateful,
    Grateful because am thoughtful.
    Remembering that which was given
    Without merit.

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