Never Give Up

Song by Yolanda Adams

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Never Give Up – This is a beautiful song that talks about never giving up on your dreams. It takes courage to keep going despite the challenges that you will face. When others mock you and tell you that a person like yourself can never achieve those dreams, it’s up to you to keep going. “If something deep inside, keeps inspiring you to try, don’t stop..” That dream never would’ve appeared in your consciousness if you didn’t have the ability to make it a reality.

“Every victory comes in time, work today to change tomorrow… don’t be afraid to face the world against all odds..” The power you need to accomplish your biggest dreams is already within you. You’ve got what it takes, just don’t give up.

I listened to this song a lot back when I was first developing this site so whenever I hear this song, I think back on those days, working on the site late into the night after getting off of work.

If you want something to happen, you gotta work at it in order to make it happen. The desire results won’t just fall into your lap, you have to go out there and produce it yourself.

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