Win by Brian McKnight

Song by Brian McKnight

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I chose this song because of its message about following through on our dreams no matter how tough things get. It’s easy to say we’re not going to give up when we’re just starting out or when things are going well but the measure of the truly committed comes when things start to fall apart and crumble down. Will you rise back up after a setback? If so, how many times? Will you still fight for your dreams even after failing 5, 10, or even 100 times?

Anyone can say they will never give up on their dreams but very few can actually prove it. Winning starts with the mind. We are our own worst enemy. In order to have a fighting chance, you must develop an unbreakable mentality that will weather any storm and overcome any obstacle that stands in your way. Develop a hunger for success so fierce that even you can’t stop you from obtaining your dreams.

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