What A Feeling (Flashdance)

Song by Irene Cara

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What A Feeling aka Flashdance – I chose this motivational song because of its message. “All alone, I have cried, silent tears, full of pride…”

Have you ever experienced a time in your life where you’ve fought yourself internally about whether or not to continue pursuing your dreams? One side tells you to just quit while the other side tells you that you can’t because if you do, life will be meaningless. It’s in those times when your life can literally change. It’s those times when you make a true decision and promise yourself you’re going to live your dreams or die trying.

It doesn’t matter what happens, it’s the decisions you make about whether to continue or to throw in the towel that will determine your future. If you have a dream and it’s important to you, then you must pursue regardless of how many obstacles life throws at you. It won’t be easy. At times, it’ll feel impossible. But what else will you do with your life if not to pursue your dreams? To merely exist is not enough.

I’d rather pursue my dreams and never get it than to give up and forever regret it.

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