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If you’ve been watching the Olympics over these past 2 weeks, I’m sure you’ve seen the many highs and lows of competitive sports. Stories of triumph, where athletes overcame struggles and difficulties to finally have their moment on the podium, are both exciting and inspiring.

On the other side, there are stories of victory that are still a work in progress. These are the athletes that gave it their all and still came up short, sometimes by the smallest of margins. Their story doesn’t end here though. Just becoming an Olympian takes a crazy amount of dedication, hard work, and perseverance. All of these traits can help propel them towards future success. It may not be as an Olympic medalist, but let’s not forget that their life goes on long after the roar of the crowd fades away.

We all go through rough times and disappointments but realize that we’re all in the midst of creating our own story of triumph through the decisions we make and the actions we take every time life knocks us down. It’s in attempting to reach our dreams that we develop the necessary skills and mentality to overcome any roadblocks that lie ahead of us.

Don’t let a moment of defeat define your life’s outcome. No matter how many failures you’ve had, you still have it in you to create the greatest comeback story of your life.

Until you run out of pages, there’s still room to write an epic ending.

– Kevin Ngo

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