TOTD – July 31, 2012

Success takes work, plain and simple. You could talk about your dreams all day long but when it comes down to putting in the work, you either do or you don’t. You can set a goal to exercise 5 times a week but when it’s time to hit the gym, it doesn’t matter what your excuses are, you either do or you don’t.

When it’s time to do what you need to do, set your excuses, laziness, fears, all of it aside and just do it. Every one of us can come up with a list of valid excuses for not putting in the work, that’s easy. In fact, people who succeed in getting what they want have a list of excuses as well. The only difference is, they decided that the satisfaction of success is greater than any temporary benefit laziness can give them.

So when it’s go time, take Nike’s advice and JUST DO IT.

– Kevin Ngo

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