Things work out best for those who make the best of how things work out

Things aren’t always going to work out as you planned. You’ll have periods throughout your life where it will seem like things are constantly going wrong, one after another. During these times, it can be easy to mentally give up and drown yourself in self pity while filling your days with meaningless tasks. It’s a downward spiral that many people find themselves in.

The fact is, bad times falls on all of us. When it happens, you really have two choices. One is to blame your circumstances on other people and not do anything to make things better. The other is to realize that the only way things will get better is by figuring out how to use your situation to your advantage.

Say you just got laid off. One reaction is to curse the economy and sink into a depression. Another reaction would be to start looking for another job. Let’s say you’ve done what you could and after a year, you still haven’t landed anything. In this case, what would you do? Many have been in this situation over the past few years. Some just give up. Others use the extra time they have to plan out and start a business. Others have rediscovered their passions in life and pursued them.

This isn’t to say that trying to make the best out of how things turn out will always result in the best outcome but at least you’ll have some control over your situation. Very few people who have the life they want got it by sitting around and having it fall onto their lap. Most people who are living their dream life got there by doing things to improve their situation. Some things worked and many things didn’t but the more you try, the higher the chances you’ll get the outcome you were aiming for.

So no matter what you’re going through, it’s not the end until you decide it is.


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