How to Stop Worrying

If you want to stop worrying, then you need to stop thinking so much. Thinking is a good thing of course but when you focus a lot of time over analyzing things, it can cause a lot of stress. Sometimes worrying is a good thing because it’s your mind’s way of acknowledging the importance of the situation. However, many times we worry excessively for invalid reasons. This article will give you a couple of different ways to help you to worry a little bit less.

When we worry, what we are actually doing is projecting our mind out into the future. We picture negative scenarios and images. We think about the worse possible situations. Students may spend a lot of time worrying about how they did on the test they just took. The person who is running late and is stuck in traffic is worried about what people will think of him when he shows up to the meeting late. The employee watches the news during his lunch time in the break room and sees that unemployment rate is climbing starts to worry about the security of his job.

In all of these situations, the person is worried about something that hasn’t happened yet. Not only that, they are worried about something that they have no control over at the present moment. If you want to know how to stop worrying, then you need to learn how to be in the moment. Realize that the majority of things people worry about coming true, never come true. You can spend a great majority of your waking life worrying yourself to the point where you start to lower your happiness level. You may even start to draw back from life because you’re afraid of every possible negative situation that you have imagined in your head coming true.

So how do you just stop worrying about everything? Here’s a simple rule. If you can’t do anything to improve the situation at the moment, let it go. Stop worrying so much about things that you have no control over. The student who is worried about what score he got is just wasting his time because what’s done is done. Whether he spends his time worrying or having fun, it’s not going to change the outcome. The employee who sees the unemployment rate increasing can worry about his job and perhaps start working harder but at the moment, during his lunch, he can’t do much about it so there is no point in worrying.

A great book about this topic that you should read is called, “How to Stop Worrying and Start Living” by Dale Carnegie. The book offers a lot of great ways to help you reduce your habit of worrying. You can try writing down the things you are worried about and find out what percentage of those things actually come true. Once you realize that there was really no point in stressing over things you can do anything about and stop worrying about everything, you will start to enjoy life a lot more.