Simply The Best

Song by Tina Turner

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Simply the Best – I chose this song because of the chorus. Seeing yourself as being the best can help put you in a confident state of mind, ready to take on the world. You may be in a position or mindset right now that makes you believe you can’t be much more than you are right now. You need to realize that once you achieve a goal, you will see that you can achieve more.

All you really need is some proof of how capable you are. As you set and achieve more goals, you will obtain more skills and knowledge from those experiences. With more and more successes under your belt, you will become more and more confident in your ability to achieve your goals.

Seeing yourself as the best takes that process in reverse. You see yourself as the best and therefore you will already be confident to take on your challenges to achieve your dreams. That confidence will help you attract the people and circumstances that will help you achieve your goals more quickly. If you’re not going for #1, you’re cheating yourself. Who knows what sort of great things you can do with your life if you just believe in yourself.

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