Show me a person who doesn’t make mistakes

Guess who is bad at doing most things? Everyone! Even the most successful people are horrible at a lot of things. As for the stuff that people are good at, chances are, they were once bad at those things too.

The point is to not let the fear of making a mistake or looking bad stop you from trying something new. It’s when you expand what is beyond what you’re already comfortable with doing that will you grow. No one accomplishes anything great without messing up every now and then.

The only way you’re going to avoid making any mistakes is if you stay exactly where you are in life and continue doing exactly the same thing you’ve always done. It’s certainly an option but wouldn’t it be better to take some risks just to see how much you can do with your life?

So you’ll make some mistakes along the way, big deal. It’s a part of life. Some mistakes will be painful while others will be embarrassing but life’s short and if you want to make the most out of the limited time you have, you’ll need to get over this fear or you might reach the end of your life hoping you had taken more risks because you realized you haven’t really lived.

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