Remember The Name

Song by Fort Minor

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Remember the Name – I chose this song mainly for the beat and the chorus. “Ten percent luck, twenty percent skill, fifteen percent concentrated power and will…” Awesome.

Many people think that success has to do with mainly talent and luck. That’s just not the case at all. Sure, there are those we see on TV who may have been at the right place at the right time. If you look at the majority of successful people however, you will find that they got there out of sheer determination and focus.

If you want to achieve your goals, don’t go after it half-ass. You need to go after it with everything you’ve got. Why? Because there are billions of other people in this world and many of them are going all out. If you’re barely putting in any effort, what chance do you have? Unless your dream is something no one else in the world has, your chances of success will be low.

Make a commitment to yourself that you will work toward your dreams at full force. When you do, you will understand just how much potential you have. Once you reach your goal, your eyes will be set on greater things, things that might not even seemed remotely possible before.

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