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Thanks to KC for the song suggestion.

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I chose this song because it talks about pushing yourself when things get hard. Anyone can show up, that’s easy. Anyone can put in the effort, that’s also easy. But how many people can keep going when all they want to do is quit?

The clearest example of this is when you’re working out. When you’re pumped up and full of energy, doing those reps isn’t an issue, running that first mile is easy.

The results we want in life doesn’t come from doing what’s easy though. It comes from what you decide to do the moment you begin to lose your drive and enthusiasm.

All the reps you do is just a lead up to that one, most difficult rep that will give you the results that you’re really after. It’s that final sprint and that extra push that will train your mind to push your limits.

Yes, it’s tough, but by challenging and demanding more from yourself, you will make your life easier in the process. There aren’t a lot of things tougher to mentally handle than not reaching your dreams because you didn’t give it your all. The regret alone will be far more challenging to deal with than just going all out to begin with.

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