Naruto (Various)

For the Naruto fans (if there are any who visit this site)

Reverse Situation (Keisei Gyakuten)

Heaven-Shaking Event

Hero’s Come Back (short version)

My Name


The Raising Fighting Spirit

“The power to believe in yourself. That will become the power to change your fate.” – Shiranui Genma

Naruto is the main character of a Japanese anime by the same name. He is the embodiment of never giving up. Even though it’s an anime and all make believe, I find a lot of inspiration/motivation from it mainly because of Naruto’s fighting spirit, his determination to achieve his dream, and his willingness to keep pushing forward no matter how big the challenges that stand in his way are or how many times he gets knocked down.

I’m not really into anime but my brother got me to watch a few episodes of this show and I was hooked for the reasons I mentioned above. I started watching Naruto back in college and 10 years later, it’s still going on (very long series). One of the great things about the show is the awesome music. There are lots of them but in terms of the upbeat ones, the ones above are my favorites.

To the animators: Please stop the fillers. Thanks.

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